Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Younger Members Star in the Scottish and Scottish Junior Championships

Kerry Barr

Kerry is skipping her own team again this year and has made a strong start in the Scottish Ladies Championship with a 4-1 record after the first weekend at Dumfries.  Her team is third Rachael Simms, second Rhiann Macleod and lead Barbara McPake.  This correspondent has already gone on record and suggested that Kerry and her mates could go all the way this season!  Read the article at http://behindtheglasscurling.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/the-runners-and-riders-in-scottish.html

Gina Aitken, Karina Aitken and Laura Barr

Karina and Laura are playing in the same team this season and have safely qualified for the Scottish Junior Ladies Championship.  They had a great victory over the event's favourite team skipped by Jennifer Martin.

Gina Aitken skipped her team to four straight victories to safely qualify for the finals.

Gavin Barr

Gavin, who plays in David Baird's young team, had an agonising loss in their last "winner-takes-all" game against Robert Tait.  They were 6-3 up after six ends and peels with hammer coming home, but lost a 2 in the tenth end.  Old people like me say things like "you have plenty of time yet", but that doesn't make the loss any easier, so bad luck to the boys and better luck next time.

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