Lymphoy Cup

This trophy was presented to the Currie Curling Club by W Simpson in 1893-94.  It is presented to the winners of the league competition played in the second half of the season.

Lymphoy Cup Previous Winners

Season/ Year Date Skip  Third Second Lead
2018-19   John Steven Niall Gunn  Rowena Steven Richie Anderson
2017-18   Shona Watt Andrew Barr Caitlin Penny Sheena Munro 
2016-17   Jenny Barr Andrew Barr Joe Barry Graeme Maguire
2015-16   Brian Fleming Niall Gunn  Sheena Munro Pauline Alexander
2014-15   Brian Fleming Andrew Cargill Anne Anderson Simon Kesley 
2013-14   Jenny Barr Raymond Preston Gina Aitken Sheena Munro
2012-13   Andrew Galloway  Robin Copland Susan MacFarlane Joe Barry
2011-12   John Steven Shona Watt Lois Copland Raymond Preston
2010-11   Brian Fleming Dave Munro Simon Kesley  Andrew Barr
2009-10   Brian Fleming Niall Gunn  Margaret Nicol  Francis Kennedy 
2008-09   Brian Fleming Andrew Cargill Aileen More Andrew Barr
2007-08   Susan Kesley  Ian Gibb Andrew Cargill  Sheena Munro
2006-07   John Steven Mike Wood  Andrew Cargill  Rosie Clark 
2005-06   Bob Barr Betty Gibb  Margaret Nicol  Norman Nicol/ Ally MacFarlane
2004-05   Mike Wood  Niall Gunn  Margaret Jacks Sheena Munro 
2003-04   John Steven  Mike Wood  Margaret Jacks Aileen More 
2002-03   Robin Copland Betty Gibb Norman Nicol  Margaret Jacks  
2001-02   John Steven  Shona Watt Dave Munro  Lois Copland 
2000-01 John Steven  Agnes Barr Simon Kesley  Suzie Law
1999-2000 Jenny Barr Suzie Law  Robin Copland  Bob Barr
1998-99 Andrew Galloway 
1997-98 Ian Gibb
1996-97 Brian Fleming 
1995-96 Brian Fleming 
1994-95 Michael Wood 
1993-94 Brian Fleming 
1992-93 Brian Fleming 
1991-92 Michael Wood 
1990-91 Andrew Barr
1989-90 Colin Barr
1988-89 Brian Fleming 
1987-88 Brian Fleming 
1986-87 Brian Fleming 
1985-86 Agnes Barr
1984-85 Agnes Barr
1983-84 Kenneth Wood 
1982-83 Kenneth Wood 
1981-82 Jim Barr
1980-81 Bessie Fleming 
1979-80 Tom Hamilton 
1978-79 Fred Prain 
1977-78 Robbie McLean 
1976-77 R Graham Gunn
1975-76 Jim Lambie 
1974-75 Bessie Fleming 
1973-74 Tom Holmes 
1972-73 J Wallace 
1971-72 Margaret Blake 
1970-71 James Dunlop 
1967 Charlie Campbell
1965 Charlie Campbell
1963 P D MacFarlane 
1961 Alexander Fleming 
1956 Robert D Fleming 
1954 Tom Holmes 
1953 Robert D Fleming 
1952 Tommy McCallum Snr
1951 Tom Holmes 
1950 Quentin Dunlop 
1907 4th Jan  James Baillie 
1906 15th Feb  John Baillie 
1905 21st Jan  John Baillie 
1901 27th Dec  W P Bruce 
1900 6th Feb  David B Fairbairn 
1899 4th Feb  John Baillie 
1895 3rd Jan  L Cunningham (2) 

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