Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Kirsty Barr and Emma Barr at the Lockerbie Under 17s Tournament

Secretary JCB (why do I always think of a digger when I see Jenny's initials written out like that?) reports from Lockerbie ice rink on the most recent success of a curling team with Barrs in it!
Kirsty and Emma are members of team Davie, so named because it is skipped by Lisa Davie from Stirling (older members will have curled against her dad on numerous occasions, no doubt); third is our own Kirsty, second is Anna Skuse (again from Stirling) and lead is another C&B junior member, Emma Barr.

From left: Lisa Davie, Kirsty Barr, Anna Skuse and Emma Barr
This is the team's second season together and they are coached by Andrew Barr (amusingly coaching by phone from his tractor this weekend!).  They got all the way through to the final of this prestigious competition on the junior U17s circuit.

Congratulations to them all.  This is their first major achievement as they are a young team (Lisa is in third year, Anna and Emma in fourth and Kirsty in fifth year).  Lots more successes in the future, I don't doubt.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Kettle Trophy 2015 Round One

What on earth are we doing back on the ice?  It was only yesterday that we finished last season and we haven't had summer yet.  Ridiculous.

Anyhow - on with the fun.  The Gunn/ Barr combination, aided and abetted by a stern (when she's throwing the stone - loving the concentration!) Karen Munro and Graeme Maguire took on Katie Wood with her new shoes (well, for one stone anyway!), Robin C, substitute Laura Barr and Maggie Barrie.  2 points to team Gunn!

Big wins racked up by teams Fleming and Cargill and the wummen over Susan K and Jenny B and what started as a bit of a rout for John over Bob Barr became a bit too close for John with a strong Barr finish.  Here are the results

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Wood K       4 11 2                                    
Gunn 11 4 5                                          
Barr J                   2 9 1                        
Cargill             9 2 5                              
Steven                               6 5 4            
Barr B                         5 6 3                  
Kesley S                                           2 9 2
Fleming                                     9 2 4      

And the league table looks like this

Position Team Played Ends Shots u/(d) Shots scored Points
1 Gunn 1 5 7 11 2
2 Cargill 1 5 7 9 2
3 Fleming 1 4 7 9 2
4 Steven 1 4 6 6 2
5 Barr B 1 3 -1 5 0
6 Wood K 1 2 -7 4 0
7 Kesley 1 2 -7 2 0
8 Barr J 1 1 -7 2 0

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Asham Under 21 Success at Greenacres

Just before the club's own season swings into action on Friday 25 September, let me whet members' competitive juices by telling them of two club successes at the weekend!

From left Karina Aitken, Amy MacDonald, Sophie Sinclair, Laura Barr
Karina Aitken, the third of the successful Aitken sisters, skipped her team, including Laura Barr to victory in a really tight, tense, extra-end final in the ladies competition.

In the men's competition, Gavin Barr played his part in Team Whyte as they fought their way to victory!

From left, Ross Whyte, Euan Kyle, Gavin Barr, James Baird, David Baird

You can read a full report of both competitions on the Royal Caledonian Curling Club website.  The photographs are displayed by the kind permission of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club and were taken by an old friend of mine from my days as a westerner, Hugh Stewart.

Congratulations to everyone.  And - a personal note to each of them at this point - no, you're not allowed to play in any club team that is playing against any club team that I am in this season.  Got that?  Walk the other way.  All I'm saying.