Kettle Trophy

This beautiful, life-sized trophy in the shape of a kettle was presented in 1867 to the Currie Curling Club by Rt Hon Sir W Gibson Craig, Bart, of Riccarton.  In those days, curling was restricted by the weather and so was only played when Jack Frost took a grip of the land and "froze the plough in the furrow".  When that happened, the call would go out to members together and a competition would take place for the trophy.

There is a gap in the records from 1912 to 1933.  Either the trophy had been forgotten about or was not used for competition.  Either way, further research might provide us with answers.

Kettle Trophy Previous Winners

Season/ Year  Date Skip  Third Second Lead
2018-19 Susan Kesley Bob Barr Norman Nicol Susan MacFarlane
2017-18 Dave Munro Fran Stretton/Gina Aitken Lois Copland  Josh Kellock
2016-17 Susan Kesley Mike Wood  Betty Gibb Maggie Barry
2015-16 Niall Gunn Kerry Barr Karen Munro Graeme Maguire
2014-15 John Steven  Mike Wood  Nook Weir Agnes Barr
2013-14 Brian Fleming  Lois Copland Barbara Wood Sheena Munro 
2012-13 Niall Gunn Shona Watt Andrew Cargill  Francis Kennedy
2011-12 Dave Munro Cat Still Agnes Barr Francis Kennedy
2010-11 John Steven  Dave Munro Norman Nicol Morna Aitken
2009-10 Niall Gunn Betty Gibb Andrew Cargill  Richie Anderson 
2008-09 Niall Gunn  Ian Gibb Barbara Wood Robert Fleming
2007-08 Andrew Galloway  Robin Copland  Margaret Jacks Sheena Munro 
2006-07 Brian Fleming  Niall Gunn Lois Copland  Susan MacFarlane
2005-06 Brian Fleming  Betty Gibb  Margaret Jacks  Andrew Peden 
2004-05 Mike Dick  Nook Weir  Anne Anderson  Martin Hall
2003-04 John Steven  Katie Wood  Anne Anderson  Simon Kesley 
2002-03 Ian Gibb Mike Wood  Anne Anderson  Susan MacFarlane 
2001-02 Niall Gunn  Agnes Barr Anne Anderson  Alison Dick
2000-01 Niall Gunn  Ian Gibb Margaret Nicol  Amanda Mustard
1999-00 Niall Gunn 
1998-99 Andrew Galloway 
1997-98 Brian Fleming 
1996-97 Andrew Barr
1995-96 Brian Fleming 
1994-95 Andrew Barr
1993-94 Agnes Barr
1992-93 Brian Fleming 
1991-92 Andrew Barr
1990-91 Brian Fleming 
1989-90 Brian Fleming 
1988-89 Colin Barr
1987-88 Mike Wood 
1986-87 Kenneth Wood 
1985-86 Mike Wood 
1984-85 Jim Barr
1983-84 Robbie McLean 
1982-83 Tom Hamilton 
1981-82 Fred Prain 
1980-81 Bessie Fleming 
1979-80 Jim Law 
1978-79 Robbie McLean 
1977-78 Robbie McLean 
1976-77 Bessie Fleming 
1975-76 Robbie McLean 
1974-75 Jim Law 
1973-74 Jim Lambie 
1972-73 Jim Wallace 
1970-71 Bessie Fleming
1969-70 Tom Holmes 
1968-69 Charlie Campbell
1966-67 Charlie Campbell
1964-65 Tom Holmes 
1962-63 Charlie Campbell
1960 6th Jan  D M Watson
1957 23rd Dec  A P Philip
1955 21st Dec A Marshall
1954 5th Dec  T B Holmes 
1953 21st Dec T W McCullum
1952 5th Dec  T B Holmes 
1951 21st Dec T W McCullum
1950 22nd Dec G C Sloan 
1949 23rd Dec  G C Sloan 
1933 30th Jan  James Dunlop
1912 27th Mar John Baillie 
1910 25th Jan  Donald MacDonald
1909 6th Mar Laurence Cunningham 
1904 5th Jan  John Baillie 
1903 13th Jan  James Inglis Davidson 
1902 30th Jan  David B Fairbairn 
1901 12th Feb  David B Fairbairn 
1900 5th Feb  Laurence Cunningham 
1899 7th Feb  David B Fairbairn 
1895 7th Feb  Laurence Cunningham 
1892 16th Jan  Laurence Cunningham 
1890 22nd Dec James McM Rowatt
1887 30th Dec James Inglis Davidson 
1886 25th Dec  James Inglis Davidson 
1886 4th Feb  Sir James Gibson Craig 
1885 13th Jan  A G Cunningham
1879 8th Dec  Thos Cunningham 
1878 31st Jan  James McM Rowatt
1874 29th Dec  Thos Rowatt
1881 6th Jan  A G Cunningham
1878 10th Dec  Sir James Gibson Craig 
1876 14th Feb  Thos Rowatt
1871 23rd Jan  Alex G Cunningham 

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