Saturday, 28 January 2017

Reserve Availability at 28 January

Apologies for the break in service last week.  Fat fingers, Chinese script and a general inability to do anything above and beyond the normal on these fancy typewriters was the cause I am afraid.  Oh, to be young again.  Just think
  • A mobile phone was a big red box that smelled something rotten
  • The latest mod con was a pocket calculator (and you think I am joking...)
  • Fax was information incorrectly spelt
  • M8 was (and remains) a motorway between Glasgow and Edinburgh
  • Webs were for spiders
  • Internet was stretched across the back of the goals at the San Siro stadium (work with me; you'll get there in the end).
Anyhow and enough; here is this week's grid.  Oh, and thanks to Andrew Galloway for spotting an error in one of the game times.  I have corrected it for this week and onwards...

  Reserve Availability List 
P - Already Playing                          N - Not able to play                
Blank = worth a try                 
Reserve Members 03-Feb 10-Feb 17-Feb 24-Feb 03-Mar 04-Mar 10-Mar 17-Mar
5.30pm 7.30pm 5.30pm 7.30pm 5.30pm 3.45pm 7.30pm 5.30pm
Richie Anderson                 
Kerry Clark     P N     P  
Annie Barr                                
Fran Stretton  N N            
David Aitken  N N N N N     N
Karina  Aitken   Jnr                
Gavin Barr N     N        
Laura Barr        Jnr                
Caitlin Barr                
Kirsty Barr        Jnr N              
Catriona Still                
Jane Barr         Jnr                
Colin Campbell N N N N N N N N
Emma Barr       Jnr N              
Richard Alexander             N  
Josh Kellock     Uni   P P          
John Penny                
Isobel Hannen   N            
Megan Priestley            P    
Agnes Barr N N N          
Barbara Wood  N N N N N N N N
Eilidh Yeats     Uni   P            
Jill Gillard N              
Douglas Burns                 
Gina Aitken N N   N        
Rachel Gray                

Lymphoy Cup Round 3.1 Results and League Table

The foot of the league table is in good and sturdy hands with Messrs. Copland and Steven propping things up nicely - one point apiece and just ahead of the so far pointless Brian Fleming.  This is not to say that Brian is pointless - anything but; he just hasn't scored any in the Lymphoy yet.  Neither Robin, John nor their teams were at the races last night.  Robin faced off against a rampant Jenny Barr, supported by Graeme Maguire and substitutes Eilidh Yeats and Jane Barr; John suffered death by a thousand cuts at the hands of Andrew Cargill, Mike Wood, Karen Munro and Donald Kennedy.

Steven J   66421314113            
Copland R664   4101573            
Barr J13261046   855            
Cargill A1144754582               
Galloway A               4122964   
Watt S            1245      1334
Fleming B            693      373
Kesley S               3133734   

The resultant league table has Jenny leaping to the top on an undefeated six points but have a look at her ends total as well.  If you think of "par" being four ends won per game, then any team on roughly twelve ends is doing OK.  Mrs Barr is on 17!

A good win for Andrew Cargill last night.  He has knocked off Robin Copland and John Steven in quick succession and is now handily placed just behind Jenny - his conqueror in round one of the competition.

Position Team Played Ends Shots u/(d) Shots scored Points
1 Barr J 3 17 20 31 6
2 Cargill A 3 10 6 23 4
3 Watt S 2 9 18 25 4
4 Kesley S 2 7 -6 10 2
5 Galloway A 2 6 -5 13 2
6 Copland R 3 8 -8 15 1
7 Steven J 3 8 -18 12 1
8 Fleming B 2 6 -7 9 0