Harlaw Cup

The Harlaw Cup was gifted to the club by Jimmy and Agnes Barr in 1989.  Originally it was presented to the runners-up rink over the two leagues, ensuring that there was still something to play for right to the end of both leagues.  In 2000, following the gift of the Glenbrook Quaich, the Harlaw Cup was presented to the runners-up rink of the first half league, the winners of which win the Kettle Trophy.

Harlaw Cup Previous Winners

Season Skip  Third Second Lead
2018-19 Kerry Barr Raymond Preston Maggie Barry Stuart Ronald
2017-18 John Steven Maggie Barry  Norman Nicol Anne Anderson
2016-17 John Steven Lois Copland Margaret Nicol Gina Aitken
2015-16 Brian Fleming  Raymond Preston Betty Gibb Donald Kennedy
2014-15 Brian Fleming  Andrew Galloway Norman Nicol Morna Aitken
2013-14 John Steven Bob Barr Joe Barry Morna Aitken
2012-13 John Steven Katie Wood  Nook Weir  Agnes Barr
2011-12 Andrew Galloway  Dave Munro Barbara Wood  Pauline Alexander
2010-11 Mike Wood Niall Gunn Raymond Preston Susan MacFarlane
2009-10 Bob Barr Catriona Weir Barbara Wood  Pauline Alexander
2008-09 John Steven Nook Weir  Robert Fleming  Raymond Preston 
2007-08 Bob Barr Catriona Weir Lois Copland Rosie Clark 
2006-07 Katie Wood  Niall Gunn Simon Kesley  Robert Fleming 
2005-06 Robin Copland  Nook Weir  Barbara Wood  Andrew Cargill 
2004-05 Niall Gunn  Bob Barr Barbara Wood  Ross Angus 
2003-04 John Steven  Betty Gibb Jim Law Sheena Munro 
2002-03 Robin Copland  Niall Gunn  Aileen More Sheena Munro 
2001-02 Nanette Weir  Robin Copland  Jim Law  Alison Dick 
2000-01 John Steven  Dave Munro Barbara Wood  Michael Stubbs
1999-2000 Susan Kesley  Dave Munro  Anne Laird Lois Copland 
1998-99 Nanette Weir 
1997-98 Brian Fleming 
1996-97 Andrew Galloway 
1995-96 Susan Kesley 
1994-95 Agnes Barr
1993-94 Andrew Barr
1992-93 Michael Wood 
1991-92 Andrew Barr
1990-91 Andrew Barr
1989-90 Agnes Barr
1988-89 Brian Fleming 

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