Glenbrook Quaich

The Glenbrook Quaich was presented by Alistair and Nanette Weir "in appreciation of many happy times with C&B".  It is presented to the runners-up in the second-half competition, the winners of which are presented with the Lymphoy Cup.

Past Winners of the Glenbrook Quaich

Season Skip Third Second Lead
2018-19 Robin Copland Morna Aitken Lois Copland Norman Nicol
2017-18 Bob Barr John Penny Karen Munro Graeme Maguire
2016-17 Shona Watt Niall Gunn Rowena Steven Anne Anderson
2015-16 Susan Kesley  Katie Wood  Morna Aitken Graeme Maguire
2014-15 John Steven  Susan Kesley  Karen Munro Donald Kennedy
2013-14 John Steven  Catriona Still Susan MacFarlane Francis Kennedy
2012-13 Katie Wood  Mike Wood Lois Copland Francis Kennedy
2011-12 Brian Fleming Andrew Galloway Margaret Nicol  Francis Kennedy
2010-11 Niall Gunn Barbara Wood Lois Copland Morna Aitken
2009-10 Jenny Barr Bob Barr Margaret Jacks Morna Aitken
2008-09 Robin Copland Dave Munro Betty Gibb Raymond Preston
2007-08 Jenny Barr Niall Gunn Margaret Nicol  Raymond Preston 
2006-07 Katie Wood  Catriona Weir Norman Nicol  Aileen More 
2005-06 Mike Wood  Dave Munro  Barbara Wood  Sheena Munro 
2004-05 Andrew Galloway  Brian Fleming  Aileen More  Rosie Clark 
2003-04 Susan Kesley  Dave Munro  Alison Dick Graeme Copland 
2002-03 Jenny Barr Ian Gibb  Andrew Cargill Sheena Munro 
2001-02 Susan Kesley  Katie Wood  Norman Nicol Mike Dick
2000-01 Jenny Barr Brian Fleming Norman Nicol Alison Dick 
1999-2000 John Steven  Katie Wood  Catriona Weir Myra Lucas

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