Saturday, 30 August 2014

Rinks for Kettle Competition 2014


1. Niall Gunn 2. Dave Munro
Shona Watt Betty Gibb
Lois Copland Catriona Still
Donald Kennedy Pauline Alexander
3. Andrew Cargill 4. John Steven
Kerry Barr (Susan K) Mike Wood
Margaret Nicol Nook Weir
Susan MacFarlane Agnes Barr
5. Brian Fleming 6. Katie Wood
Andrew Galloway Raymond Preston
Norman Nicol Joe Barry
Morna Aitken Anne Anderson
7. Jenny Barr 8. Bob Barr
Simon Kesley Andrew Barr
Karen Munro (Barbara) Francis Kennedy
Robin Copland Sheena Munro


September  19 Friday 7.30pm 1v2 3v4 5v6 7v8
26 Friday 5.30pm 1v3 2v4
October 3 Friday 7.30pm 5v7 6v8
10 Friday 7.30pm 3v8 4v7
17 Friday 5.30pm Points (note time)
17 Friday 7.30pm 1v5 2v6 3v7 4v8
24 Friday 5.30pm 1v8 2v7 3v6 4v5
31 Friday 7.30pm 1v6 2v5
November 14 Friday 7.30pm 1v4 2v3
16 Sunday 1.45pm Pairs Competition
28 Friday 5.30pm 5v8 6v7
December 12 Friday 5.30pm 1v7 2v8
19 Friday 5.30pm 3v5 4v6

Monday, 25 August 2014

2014 - 2015 Club Card Now Published

By now you should have received the new season's club card electronically.  In the email that accompanied the card, secretary Jenny Barr has offered the option of a printed card for those without access either to email or a printer.

We will publish the teams and dates here on the website in due course but, in the meantime, the all-important date and time of the club's first outing is Friday 19 September at 7.30 pm.

Helpmaboab, but is it not still August?  Aye, but there's frost on the hills already and my grass is not growing as fast as it might.

More later!