Pairs/ Doubles

The Pairs Trophies were constructed by several members of the club.  The wooden bases were made by Robert Holmes, the medals were found in the collection held by the club.  These were duly cleaned up by Jimmy Barr and the Perspex frame made by Jim Law in his dental surgery - truly a club effort!

In season 2018-19, the club decided to replace the pairs discipline with the new Doubles format.

Pairs/ Doubles Previous Winners

Season Skip  Lead 
2018-19 Andrew Galloway  Fran Stretton
2017-18 Dave Munro Megan Priestley 
2016-17 Gina Aitken Betty Gibb
2015-16 Joe Barry John Good (guest)
2014-15 Andrew Cargill Gavin Barr
2013-14 John Steven Rowena Steven
2012-13 Andrew Galloway  Morna Aitken
2011-12 Lois Copland Pauline Alexander
2010-11 Lois Copland Joe Barry 
2009-10 Shona Watt Margaret Jacks
2008-09 John Steven Aileen More
2007-08 David Aitken Aileen More
2006-07 Susan Kesley  Andrew Barr
2005-06 Alistair Martin/ Andrew Cargill Susan MacFarlane 
2004-05 Mike Wood  Barbara Wood 
2003-04 Katie Wood  Caitlin Barr
2002-03 Katie Wood  Jamie Dick
2001-02 Norman Nicol Andrew Cargill
2000-01 John Steven  Colin Dick 
1999-2000 Andrew Galloway  Aileen More 
1998-1999 John Steven  Lesley More 
1997-98 Agnes Barr Jim Barr
1996-97 Shona Watt Susan MacFarlane 
1995-96 Agnes Barr Jim Barr
1994-95 Alan Smith  Alma Findlay 
1993-94 Alan Smith  Stuart Findlay 
1992-93 Brian Fleming  Jim Lambie 
1991-92 Brian Fleming  Norman Nicol 
1990-91 Andrew Barr Bob Barr
1989-90 Andrew Barr Chris Graham 
1988-89 Brian Fleming  Ewen McLean 
1987-88 Alan Smith  David Munro 
1986-87 Brian Fleming  Graham Gunn
1985-86 Andrew Barr Stewart Still 
1985-85 Brian Fleming  David Munro 
1983-84 Jim Barr Jim Gray 
1982-83 Alan Smith  Robin Crearie 
1981-82 Robbie McLean  Bert Brotherstone

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