Tom Holmes Trophy


This trophy was presented to the club by Jim Barr, Jim Fleming and Robbie McLean in memory of their teammate, Tom Holmes, who died on 23rd January 1980 in Kelso Ice Rink.  Tom was born in 1901 and was club president from 1948 until 1968.  He was also involved in establishing the Coronation League and was made an Honorary President of Currie and Balerno Curling Club. 

The teams for the bonspiel are drawn randomly out of the hat and the aim of the trophy is for a sociable, fun afternoon of curling followed by supper and an evening of story-telling at the rink.  Originally, the competition was played over two games.  In 2001, the competition was altered to one longer session of curling, with three 3-end games.  The scoring is calculated on ends first, then shots; this ensures that even if a big end is scored by a team, the other teams still have a chance to win the cup.

Following a repeat win by Robbie McLean in 1986, the committee decided that a winning skip will not be drawn as a skip again.  This gives all members a better chance to get their names on a club trophy.

Tom Holmes Trophy Previous Winners

Season Skip Third Second Lead
2018-19 Fran Stretton Sheena Munro Brian Fleming Jennifer Marshall
2017-18 Caitlin Penny Sheena Munro Robin Copland Rowena Steven
2016-17 Sheena Munro Brian Fleming John Steven Josh Kellock
2015-16 Simon Kesley Niall Gunn Andrew Galloway  Francis Kennedy
2014-15 Lois Copland Andrew Cargill Katie Wood  Colin Campbell
2013-12 Betty Gibb Shona Watt Susan Kesley  Mike Wood
2012-13 Norman Nicol Susan Kesley  Andrew Cargill Gina Aitken
2011-12 Andrew Cargill Betty Gibb Mike Wood Richie Anderson 
2010-11 Raymond Preston Barbara Wood Susan Kesley  Steve Still
2009-10 Ian Copland Susan Kesley  Brian Fleming Niall Gunn
2008-09 Aileen More  Brian Fleming Robin Copland Jimmy Barr
2007-08 Robin Copland Sheena Munro Nook Weir John Steven
2006-07 Robert Fleming Nook Weir  Niall Gunn Ian Gibb
2005-06 Katie Wood  Margaret Nicol  Susan Kesley  Lois Copland 
2004-05 Mike Wood  Robert Fleming  Niall Gunn  Steven Kennedy
2003-04 Susan Kesley  Shona Watt Robin Copland Richie Anderson 
2002-03 Mike Dick  Jim Law  Andrew Galloway  Robert Fleming  
2001-02 Dave Munro  Jimmy Barr Katie Wood  Euan Cargill 
2000-01 Shona Watt Robin Copland  John Steven Andrew Barr/Myra Lucas
1999-2000 Niall Gunn  Dave Munro  Andrew Galloway  Jimmy Barr
1998-99 Jim Barr
1997-98 Barbara Wood 
1996-97 Andrew Galloway 
1995-96 Catriona Weir 
1994-95 Jenny Barr
1993-94 Nanette Weir 
1992-93 Agnes Barr
1991-92 Willie Redpath 
1990-91 John Steven 
1989-90 Jim Fleming 
1988-89 Brian Fleming 
1987-88 Dave Russell 
1986-87 Robbie McLean 
1985-86 Alan Smith 
1984-85 Jim Lambie 
1983-84 Tom Hamilton
1982-83 Robbie McLean 
1981-82 Jim Rennie 
1980-81 Jim Rennie 

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