Thursday, 8 October 2020

Lymphoy Cup Round 7.1

First of all, apologies. The blog site has made a lot of changes, all of which seem to be designed to make life more difficult than it used to be. We may have to look at things for this season and I suspect that young people will need to get involved in setting things up properly. If I may go on a wee rant for a moment,, the new system doesn't seem to want me to change font size, import formatting, or do anything. A complete and utter joke! (New Paragraph) Anyhow, onto the report Well, it didn't look that exciting as the John Steven v Robin Copland (skipping in Andrew Galloway's absence) moved through ends 3-6. A big score of five in the third end looked to have sealed the deal. Robin continued to miss chances to build on the good play from Kirsty and Gavin Barr, and though the Copland team scored a three in the sixth end (an outside chance of a five was again given up on!). Suddenly though, it was John's last stone; he was facing five and had a relatively difficult hit though a port to score a win and secure the win. Cometh the hour, cometh the man! (Headline) John Steven, Lois Copland, Margaret Nicol and Stuart Ronald Win the Lymphoy Cup! John played a great shot under pressure and watched by the interested Niall Gunn team on the next sheet, who had won their game against Jenny Barr. (Sub-heading) Niall Gunn, Kerry Barr, Joe Barry and Norman Nicol win the Glenbrook Quaich It(New Paragraph) has been a really tight competition. It came down to ends, but if John had not made his last stone, Niall and co would have ended up winning the competition. Brian Fleming, currently on eight points after six games could have joined John and Niall on ten points had they both lost their games tonight. As it is, Brian, Andrew Barr, Anne Anderson and David Hogg are guaranteed third place in the league and the longest season in the club's history has finally come to a close! Here is the game grid
And the final league table

Friday, 27 March 2020

Tom Holmes Brings Season to Premature Close

The Tom Holmes day proved in the event to be the last club meeting of season  2019-2020.  Fortunately, it lived up to its billing as one of the club highlights, as Dave Munro reports below.

Just two teams emerged from the 1st round of the competition with two-end victories, the teams skipped by Maggie Barry and Morna Aitken, the former after delivering a six-shot pasting to husband Joe, a scoring differential that would later prove critical!

The second round of games found these two teams still out in front but the vagaries of the Schenkel system meant that they played the third- and fourth-placed teams in the final round.  Going down the final end, Maggie had lost one end and Morna had won the first end of her game.  As ends counted first, Morna had to hang on and win her second end; if she managed that, then she would take the silverware home.  Step forward Gavin Barr!  With his last stone to come, Morna was sitting nicely hidden in the four foot, but this was as nought to Gavin!  He played a raised take out, and left himself lying shot.

Maggie Barry, Susan Kesley, Donald Kennedy and Colin Barr Win Tom Holmes, 2020!

(from left) Maggie Barry, Susan Kesley, Donald Kennedy and Colin Barr
Tom Holmes Trophy 2020
Meanwhile Maggie, with her team of club president Susan, Donald and Colin managed to win their last end.  This brought them up level on ends won with Morna but, courtesy of their big shots-up win over Joe in the first round, they moved ahead and were declared winners of the trophy.

Many congratulations to everyone who took part and especially to Maggie and company on a great win.

Wish I had been there!

Monday, 16 March 2020

Lymphoy Trophy Round 6 Results and League Table

… And Then There Were Three

Round 6 was played over two weekends.  Here is the results grid and there were some big results at the top end of the league!

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Dave Munro 8 4 3 2 16 2 3 8 2 5 4 3 2 16 2 3 7 3
Shona Watt 4 8 4 4 8 2 3 9 3 6 7 2 4 14 3 1 12 1
John Steven 16 2 5 8 4 5 3 14 3 11 2 6 10 3 5 11 1 6
Niall Gunn 8 3 5 9 3 4 14 3 5 13 3 6 2 18 1 7 3 4
Jenny Barr 4 5 4 7 6 5 2 11 1 6 6 4 4 6 3 4 13 2
Andrew Galloway 16 2 5 14 4 4 3 13 1 6 6 3 7 5 4 2 9 2
Brian Fleming 7 3 4 3 10 2 18 2 7 6 4 4 5 7 2 7 2 4
Susan Kesley 12 1 5 1 11 1 3 7 3 13 4 5 9 2 5 2 7 2

For Andrew Galloway's team to get in amongst the silverware, they needed to win their last two games.  A 13-3 thumping at the hands of Niall Gunn's team did for Andrew's chances, but kept Niall right in the hunt!

Unfortunately for Niall, John Steven also won his game and with the same number of ends (six), thus keeping him well out in front on the ends scored front.  In reality, all John and company have to do to win the league, is to win their last game.  That said, if either of them lose their last game, then the other has the chance to win the league, unless...

Unless, that is, Brian Fleming also wins his last game and they both lose theirs ...

                                              Team Played Ends Shots u/(d) Shots scored Points
1 John Steven 6 30 33 59 10
2 Niall Gunn 6 25 20 53 10
3 Brian Fleming 6 23 18 46 8
4 Andrew Galloway 6 19 9 48 7
5 Susan Kesley 6 21 8 40 6
6 Dave Munro 6 15 -32 23 4
7 Jenny Barr 6 19 -20 27 3
8 Shona Watt 6 15 -36 22 0

You can see from the table that Brian is on eight points - two behind John and Niall.  To overtake John might be a tall order as he is seven ends ahead, but Niall is catchable as there are only two ends separating them.

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Gina Aitken Just Misses Out on a Sixth Scottish Mixed Doubles Championship

Gina Aitken and her mixed doubles partner, Scott Andrews from Ayr just missed out on defending the Scottish Mixed Doubles Championship in Perth at the weekend.  They lost out to Jennifer Dodds and Gina's old Mixed Doubles partner, Bruce Mouat in the final of what looked to have been a high quality competition.

The duo went through their league with a 3-1 record before going on their undefeated journey all the way through the knockout and page play-off games.  On their way they took a fair few major scalps before succumbing in the final itself.

The final looked to be a close run thing until they gave up a big score of four in the penultimate seventh end.  As Confucius once remarked, "If you're going to give up a big end of four or five, do it in the first end rather than the seventh."  To be fair, I am not sure that he actually did say that, but you get the drift!

Still and all, Silver Medals in some very exalted company - not to be sniffed at.  Gina and Scott will be mightily disappointed, but they had to get there to be disappointed.  Scant consolation, I know, but there we are.

In any case, many congratulations from the club.

Henderson Bishop Competition

Susan Kesley, Fran Stretton, Jenny Barr and Morna Aitken Win the Henderson Bishop!

The team, called Murrayfield 2 for the purposes of the competition, kept up Murrayfield and Currie and Balerno CC's fantastic recent record in this prestigious national competition.  They secured a great victoy over a very strong Perth team, skipped by Claire Milne in the final at Aberdeen, this after a great win over Jackie Lockhart's strong Aberdeen team in the semi-final earlier in the day.

Winners of the Henderson Bishop 2020
(From left) Morna Aitken (lead), Jenny Barr (second), 
Morag Wellman (President of the Ladies Branch of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club)
Susan Kesley (skip), Fran Stretton and Robin Bishop (grandson of Andrew Henderson Bishop)
Huge congratulations to the team!

Kerry Clark, Katie Wood, Betty Gibb, Maggie Barry and Margaret Nicol Win the Cherrystone Trophy

And in the meantime, Murrayfield 1 were triumphing over a strong Dumfries team in the low road competition for the Cherrystone Trophy.

Winners of the Cherrystone Low Road Trophy 2020
(From left) Betty Gibb, Katie Wood, Kerry Clark, Robin Bishop, 
Margaret Nicol, Maggie Barry and Morag Wellman
What a great performance from nine proud C&B lady members! 

Lymphoy Trophy Round 5.2 Results and League Table

Well, well, well!  Brian Fleming has thrown a spanner into the works and no mistake!  Eight ends.  An 18-2 victory.  And the victim was none other than the hitherto undefeated Niall Gunn!  In the meantime, John Steven was racing to an 11-1 win over Susan Kesley's team, skipped by Richie Anderson in her absence.

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Dave Munro 8 4 3 2 16 2 3 8 2 5 4 3 2 16 2
Shona Watt 4 8 4 4 8 2 3 9 3 6 7 2 4 14 3
John Steven 16 2 5 8 4 5 3 14 3 10 3 5 11 1 6
Niall Gunn 8 3 5 9 3 4 14 3 5 2 18 1 7 3 4
Jenny Barr 4 5 4 7 6 5 6 6 4 4 6 3 4 13 2
Andrew Galloway 16 2 5 14 4 4 6 6 3 7 5 4 2 9 2
Brian Fleming 3 10 2 18 2 7 6 4 4 5 7 2 7 2 4
Susan Kesley 1 11  3 7 3 13 4 5 9 2 5 2 7 2

What does all of this mean?  Well, here is the revised league table

Team Played Ends Shots u/(d) Shots scored Points
1 John Steven 5 24 24 48 8
2 Niall Gunn 5 19 10 40 8
3 Andrew Galloway 5 18 19 45 7
4 Brian Fleming 5 19 14 39 6
5 Susan Kesley 5        16 -3 28 4
6 Dave Munro 5 12 -28 20 4
7 Jenny Barr 5 18 -11 25 3
8 Shona Watt 5 14 -25 21 0
With two rounds to go, things have changed a bit and the only team who can rightfully say that it is completely in their hands is Andrew Galloway.  If he wins both his games, he will win the Lymphoy trophy, simple as that.  Why?  Because he plays the two teams immediately above him in the table, teams Steven and Gunn.  Crucially, both teams Steven and Gunn have already played each other.  Even if they each win both their games, the final result will go down to ends, shots up and shots scored.  On that front, John has amassed a fairly substantial ends score.

Brian's win brings him into contention for a trophy and conceivably, he could go on to win the Lymphoy itself, though that might be stretching things a bit.  But consider this:  imagine that Andrew peels both his games; he would move to nine points and John and Niall would also be on nine.  Let's imagine that they lose their other games and that Brian wins both his games - well you see where this is going.  Unlikely perhaps, but entirely possible.  What is the other team in this macabre little dance?  Team Jenny Barr, that's who!  Jenny's last two games are against Niall and John.

Aye, all to play for and no mistake! 

Friday, 28 February 2020

Susan Kesley is Sole Nominee for Vice-President of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club!

It has been a busy couple of weeks for C&B Club President, Susan Kesley, pictured here winning the Rhona Martin Sportsmanship Award after her recent participation in the Scottish Ladies Curling Championship.  

Susan with the Rhona Martin Award

She and the rest of team Kesley then went on to win creditable Silver Medals and Scottish Ladies Senior Curling Championship last week.

Now, it has just been announced on the Royal Club website that Susan's is the only name put forward for the post of Vice-President.  All being well, this means that in a year or so, Susan will become the first ever lady President of the Royal Club.  

The Royal Club was originally founded as the Grand Caledonian Curling Club in 1838, so this is indeed an historic moment, both for the RCCC, for Susan and, dare I say it, for Currie and Balerno Curling Club.

Many congratulations to Susan.

Scottish Senior Championship

Susan Kesley, Fran Stretton, Vicky Gumley and Morna Aitken Just Miss Out!

Sadly, it was not to be at the weekend for team Kesley, but they can be mighty proud, not only of their achievements in this year's championship in Hamilton where they won Silver but also of their run the three Scottish Senior Ladies Championships.  Three medals, two Golds and a Silver speak of high achievement against the best age-group curlers in Scotland.

Team member Vicky Gumley posted this picture on her Facebook page and I hope that she does not mind that I have nicked it for the C&B website!  Says it all.  Many congratulations to the team.

The final this year was a cracking and close game which I watched courtesy of a mobile phone perched in the bar overlooking the rink.  With three stones to come, Susan was sitting well behind a cluster of guards and looking good for the steal that would take the game into extra time.  Jackie played a cracker, wicking in from her own stone to knock the Kesley stone to the side.  Crucially, team Lockhart now lay shot.  Susan's last so nearly came off.  She attempted to drive her own short stone into the pack at the back of the four foot and lie shot.  Sadly for her, the stone didn't quite work out the way that was intended and Jackie was left lying three before playing her last shot.  So near yet so far!  Team Lockhart knew that they had been in a game!

Shona Watt makes the Quarter-Final!

Congratulations also to Shona Watt who, in her first appearance at the Scottish Senior Championship, reached the quarter-finals playing at second in Liz Paul's Braehead team.

Friday, 21 February 2020

Lymphoy Trophy Round 5.1 Results and League Table

There were two games this Friday with Andrew Galloway taking on Dave Munro's team, skipped by Betty Gibb in his absence and Jenny Barr playing against Shona Watt.  Shona is currently competing in the Scottish Senior Championships, so Maggie Barry stepped up to the plate and skipped the team.

Andrew, Robin Copland, Gavin Barr and Donald Kennedy all played well and the rubs all went their way.  They ended up winning 16-2 - a score which perhaps flattered them just a bit!  They won five ends as well.

Meanwhile, on the next sheet, Jenny Barr looked to be in complete control in her game against Maggie Barry, but a things became a lot closer when Maggie scored five in the sixth end.  The Barry team then stole in the seventh end, but only scored one, so Jenny, Rowena Steven, Raymond Preston and Susan MacFarlane scraped over the line 7-6.

Here's the scoring grid

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Dave Munro       8 4 3 2 16 2 3 8 2 5 4 3 2 16 2            
Shona Watt 4 8 4       4 8 2 3 9 3 6 7 2 4 14 3            
John Steven 16 2 5 8 4 5       3 14 3             10 3 5      
Niall Gunn 8 3 5 9 3 4 14 3 5                         7 3 4
Jenny Barr 4 5 4 7 6 5                   6 6 4 4 6 3 4 13 2
Andrew Galloway 16 2 5 14 4 4             6 6 3       7 5 4 2 9 2
Brian Fleming             3 10 2       6 4 4 5 7 2       7 2 4
Susan Kesley                   3 7 3 13 4 5 9 2 5 2 7 2      

The league table makes interesting reading
                                       Team Played Ends Shots u/(d) Shots scored Points
1 Niall Gunn 4 18 26 38 8
2 Andrew Galloway 5 18 19 45 7
3 John Steven 4 18 14 37 6
4 Susan Kesley 4 15 7 27 4
5 Brian Fleming 4 12 -2 21 4
6 Dave Munro 5 12 -28 20 4
7 Jenny Barr 5 18 -11 25 3
8 Shona Watt 5 14 -25 21 0

I say that because Andrew plays both Niall Gunn and John Steven in his last two games.  If he wins both of them, then he would move to 11 points and crucially, the most that John could get to in that circumstance would be 10 points.  Niall, on the other hand could lose to Andrew, but still win the Lymphoy.

Niall plays Andrew, Brian Fleming and Jenny Barr.  If he and his team win all their games, then they obviously win the league, but none of their remaining matches are what you might call shoe-ins.  They are in pole position though.

If John wins all his remaining games (against Susan Kesley, Jenny Barr and Andrew Galloway) then he would move to 12 points - still in with a "shout" of either the Lymphoy or indeed the Glenbrook Quaich, awarded to the runners-up in the competition.  Crucially, he would have beaten his nearest rival, Andrew Galloway.

There are three teams on four points and both Susan and Brian have a crucial game in hand over Dave Munro.  They could reach ten points, so could still finish in the top half of the table and maybe even (with a following wind!) with a trophy to enjoy cleaning!

All will be clearer when the fifth and sixth rounds are completed.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Midlothian Province Bonspiel

A major event in Midlothian Province is its annual bonspiel.  Clubs enter two or three rinks - the results are pro-rata'd - and the draw is literally that - a draw.  Whom you end up playing against is literally in the hands of the draw master!

C&B's recent record in the competition is exceptional; the club has won the competition no less than three times in the last six years and this year, we were going for a hat-trick - three-in-a-row.

Although Brian Fleming, Mike Wood, Jenny Barr and Betty Gibb lost the morning game by the odd shot (despite Mike's loud attempts to get his front end to sweep harder!), Andrew Galloway, Dave Munro, Joe Barry and Lois Copland had a heady 13-shots win over Corstorphine CC.  Niall and John Steven, together with Katie Wood and Raymond Preston knew that they had to win by eight shots to have a chance of securing another C&B overall win in the overall competition.  They ended up winning by three shots, though they were lying seven shots up before their opposition skip played his last stone.  If he had not played his stone, the club would have ended up third overall in the competition.

Andrew Galloway, Dave Munro, Joe Barry and Lois Copland win the Colin Black Plate

Still and all - another great performance and Andrew, Dave, Joe and Lois had the consolation of winning the Colin Black Plate as the highest individual shots-up team.  Sadly, by the time the presentation came to be made, fairly late in the evening, Andrew Galloway was the last person standing for the obligatory team photograph - it was so late that he couldn't keep his eyes open!

Andrew Galloway with the Colin Black Plate