Sunday, 1 March 2020

Gina Aitken Just Misses Out on a Sixth Scottish Mixed Doubles Championship

Gina Aitken and her mixed doubles partner, Scott Andrews from Ayr just missed out on defending the Scottish Mixed Doubles Championship in Perth at the weekend.  They lost out to Jennifer Dodds and Gina's old Mixed Doubles partner, Bruce Mouat in the final of what looked to have been a high quality competition.

The duo went through their league with a 3-1 record before going on their undefeated journey all the way through the knockout and page play-off games.  On their way they took a fair few major scalps before succumbing in the final itself.

The final looked to be a close run thing until they gave up a big score of four in the penultimate seventh end.  As Confucius once remarked, "If you're going to give up a big end of four or five, do it in the first end rather than the seventh."  To be fair, I am not sure that he actually did say that, but you get the drift!

Still and all, Silver Medals in some very exalted company - not to be sniffed at.  Gina and Scott will be mightily disappointed, but they had to get there to be disappointed.  Scant consolation, I know, but there we are.

In any case, many congratulations from the club.

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