Thursday, 8 October 2020

Lymphoy Cup Round 7.1

First of all, apologies. The blog site has made a lot of changes, all of which seem to be designed to make life more difficult than it used to be. We may have to look at things for this season and I suspect that young people will need to get involved in setting things up properly. If I may go on a wee rant for a moment,, the new system doesn't seem to want me to change font size, import formatting, or do anything. A complete and utter joke! (New Paragraph) Anyhow, onto the report Well, it didn't look that exciting as the John Steven v Robin Copland (skipping in Andrew Galloway's absence) moved through ends 3-6. A big score of five in the third end looked to have sealed the deal. Robin continued to miss chances to build on the good play from Kirsty and Gavin Barr, and though the Copland team scored a three in the sixth end (an outside chance of a five was again given up on!). Suddenly though, it was John's last stone; he was facing five and had a relatively difficult hit though a port to score a win and secure the win. Cometh the hour, cometh the man! (Headline) John Steven, Lois Copland, Margaret Nicol and Stuart Ronald Win the Lymphoy Cup! John played a great shot under pressure and watched by the interested Niall Gunn team on the next sheet, who had won their game against Jenny Barr. (Sub-heading) Niall Gunn, Kerry Barr, Joe Barry and Norman Nicol win the Glenbrook Quaich It(New Paragraph) has been a really tight competition. It came down to ends, but if John had not made his last stone, Niall and co would have ended up winning the competition. Brian Fleming, currently on eight points after six games could have joined John and Niall on ten points had they both lost their games tonight. As it is, Brian, Andrew Barr, Anne Anderson and David Hogg are guaranteed third place in the league and the longest season in the club's history has finally come to a close! Here is the game grid
And the final league table