Friday, 28 August 2015

Shetland Stevens

The last time I went to church, the minister flung water over me and that was that as far as I was concerned.  I do read Currie Kirk's "Clipboard" magazine from time to time though and you can imagine my surprise when I came across this picture in last month's offering. 
Those of you up in the Shetland sheep world will immediately recognise Rosebank Neptune, a 2-year old ram, but look closely, why don't you, for kneeling next to old Neptune is none other than our own John Steven!

John with Rosebank Neptune
The magazine reports that the whole Steven family, John, Carolyn, Rebecca and Rowena, are  involved and that they fulfilled a life ambition when the sheep recently won the top prize for Shetland in mainland UK, winning the overall championship at the Highland Show.  But there is more, for the family won first prize for one of their fleeces and Rowena was placed first with her ram lamb.  She has just started her own small flock of Kerry Hills.
These are fantastic achievements, so huge congratulations to the Stevens!  It is always great to learn about people's interests away from curling - especially when the interest has turned into a successful passion.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Kettle Competition Teams and Draw

The first half of the season sees club members get "down and dirty" in the Kettle competition.  I have cast my eye over the teams in an attempt to pick out the runners and riders.  The Niall Gunn/ Kerry Barr combination is just ridiculous, especially when you consider that they have a front end of Karen Munro and Graeme Maguire.  Joe Barry will doubtless keep Susan Kesley and Andrew Galloway in good trim - another strong team with President Margaret throwing lead stones.  Brian Fleming has Raymond Preston at third, the soon-to-be-cruising Betty Gibb at second and Donald Kennedy at lead.

I pick these three for the honours.  Teams Katie Wood and Jenny Barr will have the loudest thirds and Andrew Cargill has the most difficult job of all the skips, with Auntie Lois at third, Morna Aitken at second and Sheena Munro at lead.  Andrew: turn up on time; be polite; do not swear and make sure your ears are clean.  All I'm saying.

Here are the teams and the draw.

Please note the dates of the Points competition (Friday 23 October at 5.30pm) and the Pairs (Sunday 29 November with games starting at either 1.45pm or 2.30pm).

  Rinks for Kettle Competition 2015  
1 Katie Wood   2 Niall Gunn 
Robin Copland  Kerry Barr (AjB)
Nook Weir  Karen Munro
Maggie Barry (AB) Graeme Maguire (BW)
3 Jenny Barr 4 Andrew Cargill 
Mike Wood Lois Copland
Francis Kennedy Morna Aitken
Pauline Alexander Sheena Munro 
5 John Steven  6 Bob Barr
Dave Munro  Shona Watt
Norman Nicol Simon Kesley 
Anne Anderson Rowena Steven (SM)
7 Susan Kesley  8 Brian Fleming 
Andrew Galloway  Raymond Preston 
Joe Barry Betty Gibb (SM)
Margaret Nicol  Donald Kennedy 
  Ice Allocation   
  Month  Day  Date Time and Draw Wk
  September Fri 25 7:30pm 1 v 2 3 v 4 5 v 6 7 v 8 1
  October  Fri 2 5:30pm 1 v 3 2 v 4     2
  Fri 9 7:30pm 5 v 7 6 v 8     3
  Fri 16 7:30pm 1 v 4 2 v 3     4
  Fri 23 5:30pm Points 5
  Fri 23 7:30pm 1 v 5 2 v 6 3 v 7 4 v 8 5
  Fri  30 5:30pm 5 v 8 6 v 7     6
  November Fri 6 No ice available (Edin Int) 7
  Fri  13 7:30pm 1 v 6 2 v 5 3 v 8  4 v 7 8
  Fri  20 No ice available (Edin Int Seniors) 9
  Fri  27 5:30pm 1 v 7  2 v 8  3 v 6  4 v 5 10
  Sun  29 1:45pm Pairs 10
  December  Fri  4 No ice taken as Double Rink weekend 11
  Fri  11 5:30pm 3 v 5  4 v 6      12
  Fri  18 5:30pm 1 v 8  2 v 7      13

Season 2015-2016 is just around the Corner!

Blink, and the summer's gone!  Curlers throughout the land are dusting down their shoes, cleaning their old brush-heads and putting their curling clothes through the wash to remove all evidence of the season just past.

C&B curlers are, of course, no different, though in addition doubtless mindful of the club's new etiquette rules as noted in the club draw and reproduced in full below.

In the next day or two, we will publish the teams, draw and ice allocation for the Kettle competition, as well as giving due notice of the Points and Pairs competition - both of which are in the first half of the season.

The new committee has been working hard on our behalf.  I say "new"; as we are in the middle of the presidential two-yearly cycle, the only change is that Andrew Cargill comes off the committee (this has freed up some time for him, so he got engaged during the summer - congratulations Andrew!) and Morna Aitken comes on in his place.

C&B Club Etiquette

For season 2015-2016, teams are actively encouraged not to concede games where at all possible.
Please be ready to start when the bell goes.
Games will be eight ends or the bell.
Skips and seconds to make sure that cards are fully completed and legible.