Friday, 28 February 2020

Scottish Senior Championship

Susan Kesley, Fran Stretton, Vicky Gumley and Morna Aitken Just Miss Out!

Sadly, it was not to be at the weekend for team Kesley, but they can be mighty proud, not only of their achievements in this year's championship in Hamilton where they won Silver but also of their run the three Scottish Senior Ladies Championships.  Three medals, two Golds and a Silver speak of high achievement against the best age-group curlers in Scotland.

Team member Vicky Gumley posted this picture on her Facebook page and I hope that she does not mind that I have nicked it for the C&B website!  Says it all.  Many congratulations to the team.

The final this year was a cracking and close game which I watched courtesy of a mobile phone perched in the bar overlooking the rink.  With three stones to come, Susan was sitting well behind a cluster of guards and looking good for the steal that would take the game into extra time.  Jackie played a cracker, wicking in from her own stone to knock the Kesley stone to the side.  Crucially, team Lockhart now lay shot.  Susan's last so nearly came off.  She attempted to drive her own short stone into the pack at the back of the four foot and lie shot.  Sadly for her, the stone didn't quite work out the way that was intended and Jackie was left lying three before playing her last shot.  So near yet so far!  Team Lockhart knew that they had been in a game!

Shona Watt makes the Quarter-Final!

Congratulations also to Shona Watt who, in her first appearance at the Scottish Senior Championship, reached the quarter-finals playing at second in Liz Paul's Braehead team.

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