Monday, 9 December 2013

Double Rink Championships

C & B Fall at the Semis

Two teams drove down to Stranraer early on Saturday morning, there to compete in the Double Rink Championships.  Their section looked a tough one with Reform CC from Greenacres, Forfar CC and local rivals and pals, Midcalder CC.  C and B qualified from their group in second place, just behind Reform.  The two teams - C and B 1 comprised Brian Fleming, Andrew Barr, Mike Wood and Lois Copland, while C and B 2 had John Steven, Andrew Galloway, Raymond Preston and Robin Copland - had dropped one game each but both seemed in good form.

On the Sunday morning, they came up against Suttieside CC from Forfar.  C and B 2 got off to a flier with a big five in the first end on what was the most difficult sheet of ice in the rink.  Both teams prevailed and moved onto a semi-final with Cadder CC from just north of Glasgow.  For a while, it looked good; after three ends, C and B were seven shots ahead and C and B 1 were two shots adrift.  Gradually, both the Cadder teams clawed back the overall position.  The top game went Cadder's way by six shots and this meant that in the last end of the C and B 2 game, they had to steal two shots.  It was a tall order with Cadder eventually scoring a one.  They lost the game but won the war and progressed to the final.

In the final, for the record a strong looking Kilsyth team proved too strong for Cadder and they ran out fairly easy winners.

A great weekend, the highlight of which might have been club member Betty Gibb's appearance in a rather skimpy wee number.  My lips are sealed however and I can say no more on the subject!

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