Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Reserve Availability List at 12 February

I have posted this slightly earlier than usual as I have it on good authority that there is now no member available to play in the Tom Holmes bonspiel on 2 March.  Please keep me up-to-date with this - if Jenny or I don't know your availability, the list is next to useless.

If you ARE available to play in the Tom Holmes, could you let Jenny or me know, please?  We will update the list as soon as we hear any change on this important day in the club's calendar.

Here's the list.

  Reserve Availability List 
P - Already Playing                          N - Not able to play            
Blank = worth a try             
Reserve Members 15-Feb 22-Feb 01-Mar 02-Mar 08-Mar 15-Mar
18.00 20.10 18.00 16.15 20.10 18.00
Annie Fleming                   N    
David Aitken        N    
Gavin Barr  (Glasgow) N N   N    
Caitlin Penny       N    
Kirsty Barr  Jnr N N   N    
Richard Alexander       N    
John Penny       N P  
Isobel Hannen       N    
Megan Priestley  N N   P    
Jill Gillard N   N N    
Douglas Burns (Inverness)       N    
Jennifer Marshall N     P    
Andrew Cargill       N   P
Louise Edwards N P N N   N
Graeme Maguire       N    
Graham Milne       N    
David McHale   P   N    
Julia Mackey       N    
David Hogg       N N  
John McOmish P   N N   N

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