Wednesday, 28 March 2018

C&B Success in Midlothian Province League Division Two

The Midlothian Province Leagues run throughout the season and the games are all played at the popular time of 9.30pm!  They culminate in a final when the top two teams play off against each other for the title and for promotion to league division one.  As an aside, I have never understood why a league (and the clue's kind of in the name) needs then to have a knock-out final where the team that has come second - maybe by four or five points, gets the chance to redeem themselves in the final. 

Anyhow, that having been said, C&B first won the league, despite losing their first game way back in October to SIAE, so congratulations are due to the main team, consisting of John Steven, Andrew Galloway, Dave Munro and Megan Priestley and their substitutes Susan Kesley and Douglas Burns.

In the final itself, John reports that he, Andrew, Dave and Megan all played really well to secure their victory over the 37 club by a score of 8-2.  Importantly, they have won promotion to league division one.

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