Sunday, 4 March 2018

C&B Juniors Report

Andrew Barr has sent me a comprehensive report on our juniors' various successes throughout the season.  It is great to read of their various curling adventures, whether it is playing in the Junior Challenges (see earlier reports) or in their various teams on the junior circuit.  Here is Andrew's report.

Three members of C&B are in the Scottish Curling Academy, Gavin Barr, sister Kirsty and cousin Emma.  They have fortnightly training at the National Curling Academy in Stirling and have occasional sessions and seminars on delivery technique, nutrition, social media and team building.

Gavin Barr

Gavin plays lead with Team Baird.  They were runners-up in the Greenacres U21 competition (and won an all-expenses trip to Copenhagen).  They won the Dumfries Men's Scottish Curling Tour and the U21 competition in Inverness.  They came third in the Nordic Junior Curling Tour event in Copenhagen (a tour which famous Scottish curler, James Dryburgh conceived and developed).  They also came third in the Lockerbie U21 event, 3rd in the Scottish Junior Championships in Aberdeen and came second overall in the Asham U21 Slam leader board.

Team Baird after winning the Inverness U21 competition
(from left): Cameron McNay, David Baird, Coach Ian Watt,
Robin McColl and Gavin Barr

Jane Barr

Jane plays lead for team Bryce.

They came third in both the Greenacres and Kinross U21 competitions and were fourth at the Lockerbie U21.  They were runners-up in the Consolation Cup at the Glynhill Ladies competition and took a fantastic runners-up spot at the Scottish Junior Curling Championships.  They finished third overall in the Girls Asham U21 slam leader board.

Team Bryce (from left): Amy Bryce, Layla Al-Saffar, Molly Keen,
Jane Barr and coach Alison Cunningham


Kirsty Barr and Emma Barr

Kirsty and Emma play third and lead stones respectively for team Davie.  They have had a very consistent season and have had podium finishes in six out of seven events.  They won the Greenacres U21 competition and as a result won an all-expenses trip to Copenhagen, where they reached the final and finished runners-up in the Nordic Junior Curling tour event there.
In other events on the Scottish Curling tour, they won the U21 event in Lockerbie, were runners-up in the U21 events in Kinross and Inverness, came third in the EJCCT event in Braehead and were overall winners of the Girls Asham U21 Junior Slam.  They finished fourth in the Scottish Junior Curling Championships in Aberdeen.
Team Davie after winning the Asham U21 Slam
(from left): Lisa Davie, Kirsty Barr, Annabel Skuse and Emma Barr
Thanks again to Andrew, both for all his hard work with the juniors and for providing us with such a full report on their achievements and successes.

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