Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Points Mean Prizes!

It was busy club night on Friday last with the points competition at 5.30 and then four games of curling at 7.30 (see later report).

Points competitions are always great fun and this year seems to have been no different.  Six disciplines were attempted - striking, in-wicking, drawing, guarding, chap and lie and wick-in.  The tie-break was decided by two attempts at out-wicking.   There were a lot of scores in the mid- to late-twenties, which suggest a pretty high level of curling.  Jenny Barr's score of 31 will be good enough in many other clubs to win the competition outright and she was only beaten by a sparkling 33 from Karen Munro in the ladies competition.  Had Jenny matched Karen in the drawing discipline then she might well have won the whole competition, never mind the ladies!  Well done to Karen though, whose scoring was consistent in the six disciplines.  Her 33 points over 6 disciplines is comfortably the highest score/ number of disciplines since the ladies competed separately for John Steven's trophy.

Former Scottish Junior Champion skip, John Penny was tied after the six rounds with four-time previous club points champion, John Steven - each on 35 points.  The sound of gurgling stomachs plus anxious ice staff meant that a decision was deferred until after the 7.30 games when a sudden death two attempts at out-wicking round took place.  John Penny scored a perfect four points from his two stones and a winner was declared!  Congratulations to John and commiserations to John Steven, who lives to fight another day.

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