Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Successful Day at the Tom Holmes

From all accounts, the Tom Holmes fully lived up to expectations, indeed even exceeded them!  Dave Munro has kindly put together a report on the day, which you will find below.

Sheena Munro Makes it Three-in-a-Row!

The 2018-19 season is obviously coming close to an end since the club’s Tom Holmes Bonspiel was held on Saturday just past (2nd March) and the description on the club’s syllabus for this event as a ‘fun, social competition’ could not have described it better. With regard to the curling, fresh from success at the Scottish Seniors, Fran Stretton led her team of Sheena Munro ( who, incidentally has now won it 3 times in a row!), Megan Priestley and Brian Fleming to quite a comfortable victory. Fran’s gang were one of only 2 teams to score 5 ends and with her score of 14 shots up, ended 9 shots clear of Donald Kennedy’s second placed team of Dave Munro, Jim Wyllie and David Aitken.
A photograph that perfectly captures the atmosphere of a great day!
Winners of the Tom Holmes Trophy 2019
(from left): Brian Fleming, Fran Stretton, three-times-in-a-row winner Sheena Munro and Megan Priestley 

Following the curling a fairly lively party developed upstairs since the date and dinner timing was shared by the Gogar Park past president’s annual bash. The very enjoyable meal was followed by presentations to the winning teams in both events and thereafter a raffle and ‘coin-sliding at whisky/prosecco bottles’ ensued which the presence of the past presidents enhanced greatly. As it happened Trevor Dodds managed to not only win a bottle of whisky in the raffle but also was closest with his coin at the whisky on the floor – what makes this point special is the fact that Trevor doesn’t drink whisky so proceeded to auction them off and very generously Ian Keron bid highest for both adding a further £85 to the coffers!

With all the monies from raffle/bottles/auction along with a couple of donations from kitty etc added together, the evening raised a wonderful £652.86. The atmosphere on the evening was buzzing and it was a great combination of fun, social and competition as previously described along with great help toward the rink improvement funds. Win-win all round!

Thanks to Dave for a great report on the day.

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