Monday, 11 March 2019

Lymphoy Trophy Round 6.2 Results and League Table

Congratulations to John Steven, Niall Gunn, Rowena Steven and Richie Anderson - Winners of the Lymphoy Trophy

Many congratulations to John and his team who, with one round remaining cannot now be caught and are deserving winners of the Lymphoy Trophy.  They had a big win against Jenny Barr to seal their victory in the league.  Here is the game grid.

Susan Kesley   654292634634   271373
Shona Watt563   794773   564663464
John Steven925974   72510251064925   
Katie Wood363774272   754946   664
Jenny Barr363   2102573   692854854
Bob Barr   6536104492965   855555
Brian Fleming725664292   583582   2112
Robin Copland734643   6635835531125   

The other game has thrown the race for the Glenbrook Quaich wide open!  Have a look at the league table first of all, then be prepared to be bored to sobs as I run you through the various permutations... (ooh err, missus.  Ah cannae wait.  Haud me back!)

 TeamPlayedEndsShots u/(d)Shots scoredPoints
1John Steven628335412
2Robin Copland62112408
3Bob Barr624-2387
4Katie Wood623-1346
5Susan Kesley618-9256
6Jenny Barr618-10324
7Brian Fleming618-17273
8Shona Watt621-6242

  • Robin has John to play.  To ensure second place in the table, he has to win the game, because that would take him to an unassailable ten points.  A draw would take him clear of everyone, except Bob who, if he beats Susan, would in all probability still overtake him on ends.
  • Bob Barr plays Susan Kesley.  Bob needs at least a draw against Susan.  That would draw him level with Robin on points (in the event that Robin loses his game against John), but move him ahead of Robin (in all probability), because he has three more ends going into the last round.  If he wins against Susan and Robin loses or draws, well, you get the picture.
  • Susan has to beat Bob by six clear ends and eight shots in order to overtake him in the table.  Oh - and hope that Katie loses or only draws her game against Shona Watt.  Oh - and finally, hope that John gubs Robin so that she can overtake him in the table as well.
  • Katie has to beat Brian Fleming.  She is currently two ends ahead of Robin, but two points behind, so she has to score no worse than two ends less than Robin in the final round, hope that Robin loses and hope that Susan beats or draws with Bob and, in the event of the latter (a draw), she wins her game by at least four shots.
In other words, a case can be made for four potential winners of the Glenbrook Quaich - not a bad finish to the season.

There is one other game being played.  Shona v Jenny.  What can we say?  Nobody cares.  The caring gene has been sucked out of the world as far as this game is concerned.  The crowd will look around, embarrassed for all concerned.  Well, it's maybe not that bad!  I think that Jenny could leap up the table to fourth.  And Shona who, let's not forget was last year's winner of this trophy, could leap off the bottom of the table to sixth.

Crivens and helpmaboab - what a night is in store!

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