Sunday, 23 December 2018

Reserve Availability for 2019

Here is the first attempt at the reserve availability list.  The key dates when there may be difficulty - all eight teams are out - are as follows

4th January
1st February
15th March

Also look out for Saturday 2nd March.  That's the Tom Holmes competition.  Again, there are eight teams out playing.  If you are looking for a substitute on any of those nights, then I would suggest that the earlier you secure a substitute, the better.

  Reserve Availability List 
P - Already Playing                          N - Not able to play              
Blank = worth a try               
Reserve Members 04-Jan 11-Jan 18-Jan 25-Jan 01-Feb 08-Feb 15-Feb 22-Feb 01-Mar 02-Mar 08-Mar 15-Mar
20.10 18.00 18.00 20.10 18.00 20.10 18.00 20.10 18.00 16.15 20.10 18.00
Annie Fleming                                    
David Aitken                         
Gavin Barr  (Glasgow) N           N          
Caitlin Penny                        
Kirsty Barr  Jnr     N N                
Richard Alexander                        
John Penny                        
Isobel Hannen                        
Megan Priestley  N   N N N N N N        
Barbara Wood                        
Jill Gillard N   P   N       N      
Douglas Burns (Inverness)                        
Jennifer Marshall                        
Andrew Cargill   P N                  
Louise Edwards   N N   N   N         N
Graeme Maguire                        
Graham Milne                        
David McHale                        
Julia Mackey                        
David Hogg                 N N N  

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