Sunday, 23 December 2018

Kirsty Barr and Emma Barr win the Lockerbie Under 21 Competition and the Asham Scottish Under 21 Title

Coach Andrew Barr, who does so much work for the Gogar Park Young Curlers Club, gives his final update of C&B junior members' successes.

Team Davie, including C&B Junior members Emma Barr and Kirsty Barr, retained their Lockerbie U21 trophy, a prestigious competition on the junior circuit.  In so doing, they secured the Asham Scottish Under-21 Slam competition.  They had played very strongly in the semi-final against one of their main rivals for the Scottish Junior Ladies Championship this season, team Beth Farmer and continued their fine form in the final against Team Bryce (with Jane Barr at lead)
Team Davie win the Lockerbie Under 21 Competition
(from left) Lisa Davie, Anna Skuse, Kirsty Barr and Emma Barr

And for the record, here is a picture of the runners-up with C&B's own Jane Barr in the team.

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