Saturday, 3 November 2018

Reserve Availability List at 3 November

All the substitutes are either out or playing on Friday 23 November.  If you are looking for a substitute that night, you can contact non club members.

The chart was not up-to-date for this week.  Use it or lose it, as a wise person once said!

Reserve Availability List 
P - Already Playing                          N - Not able to play          
Blank = worth a try           
Reserve Members 09-Nov 23-Nov 25-Nov 07-Dec 14-Dec
20.10 18.00 14.15 18.00 18.00
Annie Fleming                  N      
Fran Stretton    N   N  
David Aitken    N      
Gavin Barr (Glasgow) N N N    
Kirsty Barr Jnr N N N N  
John Penny   N      
Isobel Hannen   N      
Jill Gillard   P   N  
Douglas Burns (Inverness)   N      
Jennifer Marshall   N      
Gina Aitken N N     N
Andrew Cargill   N P    
Mark Munro   P      
Louise Edwards N N   N N
Graeme Maguire   N      

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