Saturday, 3 November 2018

Results and League Table Round 5

An interesting night!  First of all, here's the game score grid

N Gunn   8646754639835122      
K Clark684   65512277103955      
J Steven763563   4112      4133   
S Kesley64421211145            764
K Wood8951074         391883743
J Barr1255592      934   964363
D Munro      1344   884693   925
M Wood         673474634292   

Jenny Barr, Andrew Galloway (playing his first game of the season), Betty Gibb and Richie Anderson had a great win over Niall Gunn's team.  Jenny's team caught the ice early and Niall's team didn't!  Best stone of the night was Jenny's cold draw round a really short guard to beat three of Niall's counters in the last end.  That end could be important; this league is still tight - tight as a snare drum.

In the Katie Wood v Kerry Clark game, Katie did all the other teams in the league a big favour by beating Kerry's team (skipped by Raymond Preston) by 10-7.  She won the ends count as well, 4-3.

Dave Munro and his merry band are quietly climbing the league table and are now on five points with a game in hand.  They had a good win over John Steven, who finds himself propping up the league.

Meanwhile Susan MacFarlane skipped Susan Kesley's team to a great victory over Mike Wood.  This win kept the Kesley team very much in the hunt at the top end of the table.

Here's the league table

PositionTeamPlayedEndsShots u/(d)Shots scoredPoints
1K Clark52410346
2J Barr5189386
5K Wood516-1365
6N Gunn517-7324
7M Wood413-8182
8J Steven411-16172

Though Kerry remains at the top thanks to a great ends total, the Kesley and Munro teams all have a game in hand.  Jenny Barr (six points) and Katie Wood (five points) are also well in the hunt.

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