Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Reserve Availability at 3 October

Apologies that this is a bit late for this week.  There has been a fair bit of action on the substitutes front. 

Could I ask that all reserves take a look at their own availability and let Jenny or me know your availability?  There is nothing more disheartening than going down the list in a fruitless search for a substitute and being told that the person you are phoning is not available when they are showing as "available" on this sheet.

Reserve Availability List 
P - Already Playing                          N - Not able to play              
Blank = worth a try               
Reserve Members 05-Oct 12-Oct 19-Oct 19-Oct 26-Oct 02-Nov 09-Nov 23-Nov 25-Nov 07-Dec 14-Dec
20.10 20.10 18.00 20.10 18.00 20.10 20.10 18.00 14.15 18.00 18.00
Annie Fleming                N                    
Fran Stretton  N       P         N  
David Aitken                       
Gavin Barr (Glasgow) N N                  
Kirsty Barr Jnr N N     N N N N N N  
John Penny     P                
Isobel Hannen                      
Jill Gillard N                    
Douglas Burns (Inverness)                      
Jennifer Marshall P                    
Gina Aitken   P N                
Andrew Cargill P               P    
Mark Munro N                    
Louise Edwards P   N   N     N   N N
Graeme Maguire N N                  


  1. Hi Robin - I’m booked to play at 8.10 on 19 Oct too :)

    1. And not available on 9 Nov I’m afraid!