Friday, 8 December 2017

Club Pairs Championship

The new format - three stones each player over a four-end game - proved successful last season and was carried forward to this year.  Most teams realised that time will be wasted in constant discussion, so played the game at pace.  A combination of all these factors meant that all the fourth round games were completed in good time.

Pairs curling is good old-fashioned fun.  Fancied teams can fall by the wayside early doors and unfancied teams can come through from nowhere and lift the trophy.  It's the club's equivalent of a knock-out cup - anything can happen (and usually does!). 

But not this year!  This year a strong team of Dave Munro, currently riding high in the Kettle Trophy competition and skipping one of the three teams in contention for the overall title, teamed up with Megan Priestley, one of the new generation of talented young C & B curlers.  Megan had never played in a pairs competition - and she wins the very first one that she enters!  I know someone who has played in scores of pairs competitions and has never won one of them! 

Anyhow, they carried all before them and here they are in the club room celebrating their victory after a sumptuous roast dinner.

Great day!

From left (as if you didn't know!) Megan Priestley and Dave Munro
Winners of the Club Pairs Competition on Sunday 26 November

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