Sunday, 5 March 2017

Tom Holmes Trophy 2017

Sheena Munro is walking taller today; the monkey is finally off her back and, as she gleefully admitted in her winner's speech, she will never have to skip again!  She profusely thanked Graeme Maguire, the original skip of her team, for not playing and giving her the chance!

Tom Holmes 2017 Winners
(from left): John Steven, Brian Fleming, Skip Sheena Munro and Josh Kellock
Andrew Barr and his team of Dave Munro, Susan MacFarlane and Eilidh Yeats came second in the competition.

Before the dinner, President Lois Copland welcomed the party and gave special mentions to past-president Margaret Nicol, Jimmy and past-president Agnes Barr and past-president Alistair Weir.  She also thanked the substitutes who had again turned out in force as they have throughout the season.  Finally, she reminded club members of the origins and history of the Tom Holmes competition.

After a delightful grace delivered by Agnes and a fine curlers' dinner, a few stories were told, before the resurrection of an old club tradition, namely the throwing of £1 coins towards a bottle of Highland Park.  The winner was Francis Kennedy and £81 was raised for club funds - well organised Dave Munro, the club treasurer!  This will be a trickier competition to organise next year what with the brand spanking new £1 coin that will then be in general circulation.  Joe Barry tried a novel technique by throwing a fiver in the general direction of the bottle, but it didn't work!

A great day's entertainment.  Thanks and congratulations to the organisers and congratulations again to Sheena and her winning rink.

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