Thursday, 2 March 2017

Henderson Bishop and Cherrystone Trophy Double!

Here are the pictures lifted from the Kinross Curling Facebook site.

Winners of the Henderson Bishop competition 2017, the Murrayfield 2 team
(from left) Kerry Clark, Gina Aitken, Kinross and District Ladies Branch President, Fiona Rutherford
Maggie Barry, Betty Gibb and RCCC ladies Branch Vice-president, Margaret Pottie
And now a picture of the Cherrystone Trophy winners, the Murrayfield 2 team.

Winners of the Cherrystone Trophy (from left) Morna Aitken,
Fran Stretton, Jenny Barr and Susan Kesley
A fantastic double for both Murrayfield and Currie and Balerno Curling Club.  Brilliant stuff.

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