Sunday, 11 December 2016

Gina Aitken is the Scottish Mixed Curling Champion!

Great news from the Intu Braehead Curling Rink today.  Gina and team mate Bruce Mouat dominated the Scottish Curling Mixed Championship this weekend and have successfully defended their Scottish Mixed Double Championship title.  They started slowly and were sitting on 2-1 after 3 games.  They then moved into top gear and finished the league on a 7-1 record.

Bruce and Gina with the Scottish Mixed Doubles Championship Trophy (Photograph Morna Aitken) 

Team Aitken/ Aitken Make the Semi-finals

This put them into a semi-final against another Aitken team.  Given that David had not thrown a stone this season until last week, it says a lot for the former World Junior Champion (mind you, two of his three kids are older than he was when that happened!) that he and Karina made the semi-finals.  When, by the way, was the last time that a curling club had three of the eight semi-finalists in a national championship?  When was the last time the same household had three of the eight semi-finalists in a national championships?  And what's it like if your name is Tasha or Morna in said household?  Nightmare!

Stop Press: Karina was not feeling well on Sunday morning (hope you are feeling better now, Karina), so Ma Morna stepped into the fray and played in her place.  Tasha has made other plans for Christmas apparently!

Anyhow, Bruce and Gina finally did for faither David and sister Karina's (Morna's!) chances in their semi-final match and set themselves up for a final against the other top Scottish mixed doubles team, the husband and wife partnership of Judith and Lee McCleary.

Team Aitken/ Mouat won the game 8-0 and go on to represent Scotland at the 2017 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship in Lethbridge, Canada.

Bruce and Gina on their way to a 4th place in the World Mixed Doubles Championship in Karlstad last season


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