Saturday, 12 December 2015

Kettle Results and League Table Round 7.1

Cargill Leaps to the Top of the Table!

In order to keep their challenge live, Andrew Cargill, Lois Copland, Morna Aitken and substitute Melissa McCluskey had to beat the holidaying Bob Barr, whose team was skipped in Bob and third Shona Watt's absence by Simon Kesley.  They scored an emphatic 8-2 win and won five of the six ends that they managed to play.

Jenny Barr scored a good win against John Steven's rink, skipped in John's absence by Dave Munro.   

Wood K   41124643533631336443   
Gunn1145   105344315451073   1044
Barr J6435104   2916447444733112
Cargill533444925   873825653783
Steven6344152463784   654763452
Barr B31327104472281563   383392
Kesley S443   744563674834   292
Fleming   41041135873544935924   

So the league table looks like this with two games to play.

Position Team Played Ends Shots u/(d) Shots scored Points
1 Cargill 7 26 16 47 11
2 Gunn 6 23 32 60 11
3 Fleming 6 25 17 46 10
4 Steven 7 22 -10 38 6
5 Barr J 7 21 -16 33 6
6 Kesley 6 20 -1 32 5
7 Wood K 6 21 -4 31 3
8 Barr B 7 17 -34 27 0

Andrew may yet rue his team's ends won total, because Niall Gunn only has to score three ends to overtake their total.  Niall plays Susan Kesley in what could be a tough last game for his team.  Brian Fleming, who is also well in the mix, plays Katie Wood in his last game.  Katie would like to overtake Susan Kesley by beating Brian and hoping that Susan loses; Susan would like to beat Niall to overtake Jenny and finish fourth; Brian would like to beat Katie and hopes that Susan beats Niall so that he wins the competition outright! 

Andrew in the meantime hopes that Susan gubs Niall and Katie destroys Brian, because then he wins.

Good to see that the spirit of Christmas reigns supreme in the Currie and Balerno Curling Club!

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