Monday, 2 March 2015

Brian Fleming, Andrew Cargill, Anne Anderson, Simon Kesley, Kerry Barr, Annie Barr and Richie Anderson between them win the Lymphoy Cup!

There are a lot of them, but they have all played their part in securing the Lymphoy Cup and many congratulations to them.  This week saw the big game against their nearest challengers, John Steven's team.  Before taking the ice, John was on eight points, having lost one game in his campaign and Brian was on nine points after his draw with Robin Copland the previous week.

Brian's challenge was obvious; win the game and win the cup!  Had John won, then he would have been one point ahead with one round to go (and would have joined Brian as a definite trophy winner, having guaranteed second place).

In the event, Brian's team apparently turned up and John and company didn't!

In other games, Robin and Andrew Galloway both won their games.  Jenny Barr, fresh from her triumphant performance in Kelso at the Henderson Bishop, took on Mike Wood.  Mike gave a succinct summary of the game which sadly, cannot be repeated on a family website, but the headline might have read something like, Wood Pawns victory to Bishop-winning Barr.  Or something!

Anyhow, here are the scores on the doors.

Barr J   1054392373454   1235544
Wood K5103   765644   4102585492
Steven935673   11264836441354   
Copland7354642112   554964   553
Fleming543   843553   6546351124
Watt   1046463693562   674725
Wood M31228535133   362763   4111
Galloway453945   55321122721145   

As far as the league table is concerned, this is what it looks like with one round to go.

Position Team Played Ends Shots U/D Shots Points
1 Fleming 6 22 18 41 11
2 Steven 6 25 20 49 8
3 Barr J 6 22 4 37 6
4 Copland 6 22 -4 32 6
5 Galloway 6 20 -3 33 5
6 Watt 6 23 4 38 4
7 Wood K 6 21 -16 31 4
8 Wood M 6 14 -23 30 4

With his 25 ends, John is in pole position for the runners-up spot and the Glenbrook Quaich.  Even if he loses his last game against Andrew Galloway, two or three ends ought to be enough.

But life would not be enough without some conjecture, so come with me on a wee journey, why don't you?

Andrew trounces John and wins all eight ends.
Jenny Barr thumps Shona and wins all eight ends.

Under those circumstances, Jenny wins her ma and pa's trophy.

Swap Robin for Jenny (actually, imagine Robin wins one more end than Jenny and John S gets thumped) and he could end up as runner-up.

Imagine Andrew thumps John and Robin and Jenny both lose, then he could end up in third place, having been bottom of the league just two rounds ago.

But - John wins or draws - he ends up the runner-up.

Now what about Katie?  Well, let's imagine that she beats Brian and wins two ends more than Robin and Jenny, both of whom lose.  Andrew loses to John.  John would be runner-up and Katie would leap in one week from 7th in the league to 3rd place.  Wow!

Now, Mike.  Imagine he takes all eight ends off Robin AND beats him by 10 shots.  He now moves above Robin.  The problem then is Katie playing Jenny.  To get above Jenny, he has to hope that Katie wins all the ends against Jenny and that she wins by a score of not less than 15 shots.  But here's the problem.  Katie would then still be above him in the league, so I think the best that Mike can get is fourth.

Ooh-la-la.  As they say en France.

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