Thursday, 20 November 2014

Pairs Competition 2014/ 2015

A Pairs Competition is always fun - mainly because it is something new and out of the ordinary!  This year's club pairs was no different: a bit of time to chew the cud between games; the excitement provided by a new format and, of course, a new version just to add grist to the mill.  This year, we decided to play three stones each, instead of the more usual four and - I cannot speak for anyone else - but I liked it!  There was more time, it seemed to me and there was not the unseemly rush in the last session to get games completed.

All that said, we played four ends per game and the league table was decided on ends, followed by shots scored.  As an aside, this means that the club vice-president was entirely correct when suggesting to her team mate that the angle-raised double from front to the back of the house for five shots was perhaps foolhardy compared to a relatively simple draw to the eight foot for a one!  Her husband shall remain nameless in all of this of course.

Enough - what about the competition?  Well, I can exclusively reveal that it was not the club vice-president and her mate who won - no, it was not them!  Instead, let me introduce you to two younger members of the club, Andrew Cargill and Gavin Barr.  They won six ends out of eight played and in so doing, managed to take two pretty significant scalps - Brian Fleming and Karen Munro in their first game and reigning Scottish Ladies Champion skip Kerry Barr, playing with Sheena Munro in the second game.

There was a right old pile up for second place, with four teams tied on five ends, Betty Gibb, Niall Gibb, Katie Wood and Dave Munro.  Dave Munro and Donald Kennedy came through as runners-up by virtue of their superior total shots scored - 9 to Niall's 8 and Betty and Katie's 6 each.

Club vice-president Lois Copland said a few well-chosen words at the end to wrap things up; the prizes will be awarded at the club's AGM.  Sheena appeared quickly in the bar, looking like an exotic Hollywood film star (she was singing later at Dalmahoy) and it took everyone about an hour to get out the car park - not because of Sheena, I hasten to add, but who knew ice hockey was such a popular spectator sport?  Who cares, right enough!  Well - except when they're blocking the exit bridge.

Oh - and one more thing!  It was good to see so many folk up the stairs in the bar after the event.  Good atmosphere!

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