Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Edinburgh International Seniors Curling Championships

There were a number of club members competing in this year's Edinburgh International Senior Championships.

In the ladies competition, Maggie Barry competed as a member of the Barbara Watt team.  They made it all the way through their section to the semi-finals, where they came up against Christine Cannon's World Gold medal-winning team and that was that!

In the men's competition, Joe Barry and Dave Munro both played in the Jim Hogg team but failed to get out of their section.

Brian Fleming throws the last stones in the Robin Aitken team and they had a good run in their section - including a great three in their last end against Alan Durno to tie their game and ensure their progress to the quarter-finals.  There, they came up against Graeme Adam's strong Greenacres rink.  They were up against it from the start and lost their game.

Which leaves the astonishing news that Robin Copland, playing right enough with not too shabby a team behind him - Gordon Muirhead, Hugh Aitken and Norman Brown, made his way to the final via a quarter-final win over Ken Watson and a tight semi-final win over Lockhart Steele, who was skipping Keith Prentice's team in Keith's absence. 

Cometh the final and cometh the hour!  Team Brown was up against Ken Horton - an old team mate of Robin's from way back when, and they pulled off a tight win when they ran Horton out of stones at the end of the eighth end.

In the bar, there was a rustling sound which turned out to be people scratching their heads in bewilderment.  I don't know why - in fact, I don't care!

Great weekend and lots of fun.

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