Sunday, 27 October 2013

It's the Young Guns Again at the Points!

Rebecca Kesley is the Points Queen!

For the first time in ten years (Kerry Barr won the competition in 2003), a lady member of the club has won the points trophy with an admirable 34 points out of seven disciplines.  She follows young Gavin Barr as a first-time winner of the competition, which now boasts an impressive array of talented young curlers - all of whom have their names on the trophy.  According to secret C & B blog reporter, club secretary Jenny Barr, the competition was a close-run thing, with John Steven in second with 33 points and Jenny herself third with 32.

Well done to all 12 competitors who went off with about twenty minutes to go before the 7.30 club session for a well-deserved and warming bowl of soup.  That last bit was just to add a wee bit of colour.  The devil, as a wiser man than I once remarked, is in the details.

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