Monday, 11 March 2013

Tom Holmes Competition

This year's Tom Holmes was another happy club occasion, fully in the traditions of competition.  Raymond Preston writes

There were a number of reserves being utilised for this more social than competitive annual gathering of the Tom Holmes Trophy.  This meant a few last minute changes to the advertised skips.
The victims or skips this year were Simon Kesley, Morna Aitken, Francis Kennedy ,Andrew Barr, Anne Anderson, Norman Nicol, Pauline Alexander and her hubby Richard Alexander (standing in for Margaret Nicol).

The proceedings did not get off to the best of starts - we only got onto the ice a good 15minutes later than expected.

Once things got going however, the curling was pretty good and after round 1 the leading teams were Norman, Francis and Andrew Barr.

Assisting with the scoring was Karen Munro who had been asked to sub but couldn’t remember for whom and as there were no spaces on the ice she helpfully went along filling in score cards in between scoffing my sweets.

Round 2 progressed, but as the scoring sheets disappeared at the end of the competition I’ve little recall of what happened other than at the end of Round  2 Norman was in the lead on 6 ends followed by Francis on 5 and Andrew B on 4.  Trailing behind was Pauline on 1 and Simon on nil.

Starting late was always going to be an issue so it was decided to make the last round 2 ends only.

This effectively made it a 3 horse race and with Andrew losing his first end it came down to Francis and Norman.  Francis took the first end to set up a final end showdown and with one stone behind some guards was looking good for a steal until his last stone- an attempted guard to block the house drifted a bit too far in to the house, wide and just short of the T.
All Norman had to do was tap it back and roll in and he didn’t disappoint his team with an excellent shot, one of many he played throughout his victorious afternoon.  A thoroughly deserved win and I am sure everyone will have been glad to see Norman back on the ice again.

There was apparently something to do with Young Farmers(must be a new boy band) along the road so not sure why so many members had to disappear, young persons only gained entry with a wrinkly in tow was the rumour.

With so many members off to change in to their glad rags it was felt that it would be more appropriate if the presentation of the trophy be left till the AGM.

A group of 24 sat down for their tea and a pleasant time was had by all who attended.

Thanks to Raymond for his comprehensive report.

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