Sunday, 17 March 2013

Henderson Bishop Success for Currie and Balerno Members

If it's good enough for Team Brewster...

It's good enough for Currie and Balerno's ladies, five of whom travelled to Stranraer recently to compete for the Henderson Bishop trophy.  Regular blog followers will recall that Susan Kesley, Jenny Barr, Fran Stretton, Morna Aitken and Margaret Nicol won the Murrayfield playdown to represent Murrayfield at the national finals of the competition.

The draw was not kind to them, as they faced the might of Stranraer and recent Scottish champion, Gail Munro on her own ice in the very first round.  Sadly, they lost that first game, but then went on a fantastic undefeated run all the way to the final of the low road for the Cherrystone Cup - a game that they went on to win.

Club secretary Jenny Barr writes:

We had a fab time, only losing one game all week.  The Stranraer ice was tricky, as expected and some of the stones are challenging, to say the least.  The food and drink were both up to the usual North West standards and the chat on and off the ice was entertaining - again as could be expected from the five C and B curlers involved.

Ladies Branch President Jenny Bain, celebrated her 50th birthday on the final day and was given a surprise party on the Wednesday night after the formal dinner and entertainment had been completed by the Stranraer curlers.  President Jenny was quite at a loss for words when she realised that she had been "tricked", though she definitely seemed to enjoy the party in her honour as it moved through the hotel and through the night.

We were disappointed not to make the high road but after losing our first game to Gail Munro from Stranraer, the best we could do was win the lovely Cherrrystone Trophy.  It was a real team effort and we all had our part to play
  • Susan skipped the team and also had a birthday
  • Margaret held the kitty and was the shopper-in-chief for wine and bibs
  • Morna played tick shots all week long and was happy to be called whatever she was called
  • Jenny drove
  • Fran provided us all with an entertaining lap dance in the dining room on Monday morning.
All in all, it seems to have been a great week and well done to the ladies for bringing back the Cherrystone Cup!
Winners of the Cherrystone Cup (from left)
Morna Aitken, Jenny Barr, President of the Ladies Branch, Jenny Bain (presenting), Susan Kesley, Fran Stretton and Margaret Nicol

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