Monday, 24 December 2012

Morna Aitken wins a Turkey!

There were a fair few Aitkens, Barrs and assorted other Currie and Balerno members on show for the annual Christmas Bonspiel at Murrayfield on Saturday.  Two members were completely sober (your writer and Margaret Nicol) and are therefore able to give a reasoned account of proceedings.  Without wishing to stray from the normally objective standards of journalism for which this website is (justly) famous around the world, suffice it to report that there was some falling-down juice consumed by those of an age, followed by four ends of curling, followed by the consumption of more falling-down juice, followed by some more curling and followed again by the -by this time, loud - consumption of a lot of falling down juice and dinner.

Then everyone went home, following the advice of Milton in Paradise Lost -

But drive far off the barbarous dissonance
Of Bacchus and his revellers

Presumably, the drivers were designated.

Anyhoo the noo, Currie and Balerno curlers were conspicuous by their absence on the winner's podium, until, that is, it came to the great turkey shoot-out.  A hack is put in at the top corner of the rink and everyone throws a stone to the diagonally opposite corner.  There were some pretty impressive efforts and the measure was at less than six inches when Mother Aitken came to throw her effort in the general direction.  She covered the pot lid and that was that!

To make matters even more Aitken-dominated (as if Gina winning the Scottish Mixed Doubles Championship was not enough), they went on to win the fancy dress prize as well for their "Grease"-themed costumes and hair pieces.

Merry Christmas everyone and a Guid New Year.  Normal service will resume in January (unless someone wins the Hew Chalmers down in Stranraer!).

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