Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Kettle Trophy Round One

The first two club nights saw the completion of round one of the Kettle trophy.  First of all, there are the game results, then there is the league table.  Scurrilous and potentially libellous comments follow thereafter.

Team Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Team 6 Team 7 Team 8
1 Wood M       3 9 2                                    
2 Munro 9 3 5                                          
3 Gunn                   10 2 5                        
4 Steven             2 10 2                              
5 Fleming                               7 5 3            
6 Kesley                         5 7 3                  
7 Copland                                           5 13 2
8 Barr J                                     13 5 5      

League Table
Position Team Played For Against Shots       U / (D) Ends Points
1 Barr J 1 13 5 8 5 2
2 Gunn 1 10 2 8 5 2
3 Munro 1 9 3 6 5 2
4 Fleming 1 7 5 2 3 2
5 Kesley 1 5 7 -2 3 0
6 Wood M 1 3 9 -6 2 0
7 Copland 1 5 13 -8 2 0
8 Steven 1 2 10 -8 2 0

It’s only taken one round but already the cat’s gone wild in the loft, the pigeons have lost control of  themselves and have only gone and blocked the one fan in the room.  It’s a nightmare!

Niall Gunn delivered a bit of a doing to John Steven.  Niall is the defending champion skip to be fair, but the outside, casual observer always felt that this was a tough opener.  Anyhow, there we are and after one round of play, he finds himself sitting in the top half of the table.

Jenny Barr, Lois Copland, Joe Barry and substitute Laura Barr got off to a bit of a flier themselves, mind you.  They had a great game against Barbara Wood, Anne Anderson, Donald Kennedy and substitute Ian Copland.  According to a nameless relation of Ian’s who happened to be playing on the same sheet in the same game, Ian struggled with his draw weight for the first four ends.  She said this through barely-concealed gales of merriment and mirth, it has to be reported.  There's maybe the merest smidgin of hyperbole there but anyhow, it looks to have been a tough old game for all concerned.

In the battle of Longniddry (well, almost), Dave Munro showed a clean pair of heels to Sheriff Wood of Michael Forest.  This time, it was the rich who robbed from the poor and ends three (2), four (1), five (2) and six (3) ensured a 9-3 win for Dave, Bob Barr, Norman Nicol and Susan MacFarlane.  Mike had Simon Kesley, Morna Aitken and the ever-present Joe Barry in his team.

The final game had Brian Fleming, Raymond Preston, Pauline Alexander and substitute Emma Barr facing off against Susan Kesley, Margaret Nicol, Sheena Munro and Kirsty Barr.  This was a tricky game for Susan and co and though they got a nice 3 in end three to peg the score back to 4-3, Brian replied with a big 3 of his own in the very next end and that was enough.  Susan scored two valuable ends in ends five and six to take her to three ends in total.

There is less time allocated for games this season by the way, so it is all the more important that curlers are ready to play in the hack when it is their turn.  The target is, of course, eight ends, but that may be a tall order.  A cigar to the first teams that manage it – you can split it eight ways!

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