Thursday, 31 October 2019

Points Competitions

This year's C&B Points Competition attracted nine competitors, all keen to take part in this most traditional of curling tests of skill.  It introduces some lovely old curling terms to the new curler - inwick, chip the winner, draw through the port and chap and lie.  We have allowed Canadian terms to rule the roost too much in recent years - rocks and shooters for goodness sake - what is the world coming to?  Where is curling phraseology going?  to hell in a handbasket, I say, but I'm just an old curmudgeon with nothing better to do with my time than mump and groan about the ills of this world.

Tradition has it that the previous year's winner goes first so I thought, "To hell with that" and arranged another conflicting appointment!  Hell seems to featuring quite a bit in this report now that I read it back to myself, but there we are.

The competition went ahead without me and Jenny Barr reported that John Steven won with a creditable 28 points from six disciplines played.  Given that we are playing with new "competition-standard" stones on what is essentially a new ice rink that is still bedding in, that is a good score in anyone's book.  Runner-up was Gavin Barr with 25 points and winner of the ladies competition was Morna Aitken with 21 points.

Congratulations to them and to all who took part thus maintaining a very worthwhile curling tradition.

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