Sunday, 22 September 2019

Kettle Trophy Round 1 Results and League Table

As we drove into Murrayfield at around 7.20 on Friday evening, the sun positively beamed down from a blue sky and thoughts turned to activities on the golf course rather than to an upcoming game of curling.  Curling?  Good grief and other expletives, but curling it was and there was a wee air of excitement to catch the first view of and throw some new stones down what is, to all intents and purposes, a new curling rink.

The new facility looks fabulous and is a tribute to all of the hard work and effort put in over the summer months by Scott Henderson and his team.  A new disabled lift has freed up the stairs again so that two overweight folk can pass comfortably on the half landing.  Not that any C&B member could be so described.  Ladies, avert your ears for a minute, but the horse trough has been removed from the gents toilet, to be replaced by pristine white - aye, enough!

New stones have been bought - and not just your bog standard new stones, but a competition set with a more aggressive band.  They will bed in over the next week or two.  The ice will be easier to maintain at a consistent standard once the appropriate settings have been found and dialled in.  It is all a bit of trial and error at the moment, but Scott and his team will "do the business", have no fears on that.

All of that said, conditions on sheet seven were challenging for a group of curlers, all of whom throw the stone differently.  The rubs went the writer's way, so Robin, Raymond, Megan and Richard found themselves on the winning team against Dave Munro, Maggie Barry and Norman Nicol.

Their game was the only tight game on the ice.  John Steven and Jenny Barr both had  whopping six ends wins that catapult them to early top-of-the-league-table positions; Susan Kesley also enjoyed a big win and she is tight behind those two with one game played.

Don't let's get too carried away though.  It's a marathon, not a sprint!

Here's the results grid and the league table.  

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
S Kesley       8 3 5                                    
K Wood 3 8 2                                          
J Barr                   10 2 6                        
K Clark             2 10 1                              
K Munro                               2 13 1            
J Steven                         13 2 6                  
R Copland                                           8 4 4
B Fleming                                     4 8 3      

Position Team Played Ends Shots u/(d) Shots scored Points
1 J Steven 1 6 11 13 2
2 J Barr 1 6 8 10 2
3 S Kesley 1 5 5 8 2
4 R Copland 1 4 4 8 2
5 B Fleming 1 3 -4 4 0
6 K Wood 1 2 -5 3 0
7 K Clark 1 1 -8 2 0
8 K Munro 1 1 -11 2 0

Apologies, but the grid and colouring seem to have been disabled, which someone young might be able to explain.  Havnae a scooby, to be honest, why the grid has not copied over.

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