Saturday, 5 January 2019

Lymphoy Cup Round 1 Results and League Table

Who would believe it, eh?  Summer is just over and already the days are getting longer and we are into the second half of the season.  The Kettle trophy has been put away and, fresh from their boxes, the Lymphoy Cup and Glenbrook Quaich make their appearance for all and sundry to play for. 

The teams all look fresh and strong.  Your correspondent particularly likes the look of his own team; it would be difficult for him to say anything else, mind you, given that his wife plays second stones.  The Coplands are backed up by Lorna Aitken at third and Norman Nicol at second.

The top end combination of John Steven and Niall Gunn look to be contenders - especially with Rowena Steven at second and Richie Anderson at lead.  You could also make a case for Bob Barr and Andrew Barr; for Susan Kesley, Fran Stretton and Raymond Preston; for Lymphoy winner for the last two seasons, Shona Watt, backed up by Dave Munro, Anne Anderson and Stuart Ronald.  I could mention every single team and all of their members, but I won't for fear of boring folk to tears of inconsolable rage, stirred in with a fold of ennui.

So, to the games in round one.  Bob and Andrew came out the traps firing on all cylinders; only a five scored by Jenny in the last end made the scoreline of 9-6 look like a tight game.  The Munro car must have been a quiet one on its way back to Longniddry, with all three of its occupants on the business end of a couple of doings.  Sheena and Karen were playing in the same team, for goodness sake.  Tumbleweed.  All I'm saying.

To be very fair to Brian and his team, Betty Gibb, Mark Munro and substitute Richard Alexander, the breaks always seemed to go against them in their game against Robin Copland; that, and some good play from down the Copland rink made life difficult.

John Steven, Niall Gunn, Rowena Steven and Richie Anderson seemed to have the measure of Wood the younger, Andrew Galloway, Maggie Barry and Susan MacFarlane.  Ones and twos scored with monotonous regularity resulted in a 7-2 win for them. 

The only tight game of the night was between Shona Watt and Susan Kesley.  Shona led 5-4 coming home, but Susan managed to score the two shots that she needed to secure an important victory against the two-time defending champion skip.

Here is the results grid

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Susan Kesley       6 5 4                                    
Shona Watt 5 6 3                                          
John Steven                   7 2 5                        
Katie Wood             2 7 2                              
Jenny Barr                               6 9 2            
Bob Barr                         9 6 5                  
Brian Fleming                                           2 11 2
Robin Copland                                     11 2 5      
And now the league table

Position Team Played Ends Shots u/(d) Shots scored Points
1 Robin Copland 1 5 9 11 2
2 John Steven 1 5 5 7 2
3 Bob Barr 1 5 3 9 2
4 Susan Kesley 1 4 1 6 2
5 Shona Watt 1 3 -1 5 0
6 Jenny Barr 1 2 -3 6 0
7 Katie Wood 1 2 -5 2 0
8 Brian Fleming 1 2 -9 2 0

It's early days, but an interesting start nonetheless.

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