Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Henderson Bishop Shenanigans

The Henderson Bishop is taking place this week in Lanarkshire Ice rink and C & B has a team in the finals, representing Murrayfield.  Here are Morna, Jenny, Fran and skip Susan being presented with the Edinburgh qualifying trophy late last year. 

So far so good as far as the competition itself is concerned, according to the Scottish Curling website, but don't quote me on that, as I really don't understand how their website works, if I am honest.  I think Murrayfield 1 is still in the hunt is all I am saying and a full report follows on the conclusion of the competition on Thursday 1 March.

Anyhow and notwithstanding any of that, Margaret Nicol sends me this charming study of club secretary Jenny Barr competing in the frog competition.  According to Margaret, "she didn't win it"!  A study in concentration though, do you not think?  It's a dynamic warm-up of the lower arms is what it is and you need to do that effectively if you are going to be able to drink without cramping up.

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