Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Mixed Doubles

What a great format is mixed doubles.  I shall be paying much closer attention now than I have in the past.  It is a version of curling that throws up so many different tactical situations.  It has the benefit of being shorter than a full game and will therefore (potentially) be more spectator-friendly and finally - it's just great fun.

On Sunday last C&B dipped its collective toe into the pool and, coached by Dave Munro and Morna Aitken, we had a go!  First of all, you have to marvel at the shot-playing ability of the top players!  That first stone has to be well-placed; it is somewhat easier now perhaps than hitherto - the house is set up with the hammer-thrower's stone being at the back of the four-foot and not the one-foot, but still, the lead needs pinpoint accuracy.

The power play throws up a different challenge as well.  I think that's the beauty of the format; so may different plays can be made - so many different things can happen. 

Those of us who took part were all as one - we would like the club to organise more of this.  Whether it is another coaching session or maybe even a competition over a couple of different days in the season if we can get ice.

Thanks are due to Dave and Morna for their input.  Great C&B day!

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