Sunday, 29 October 2017

Reserve Availability at 28 October

Here is the Reserve Availability Grid for this week and taking us through to the end of the first half of the season.

I have made up a grid for the second half and I will publish it in the next couple of weeks.  It would be good to get it off to an accurate start, so please check the grids and make sure that it is correct for you...!

  Reserve Availability List 
P - Already Playing                          N - Not able to play          
Blank = worth a try           
Reserve Members 10-Nov 24-Nov 26-Nov 08-Dec 15-Dec
7.30pm 5.30pm 1.45pm 5.30pm 5.30pm
Richie Anderson  N N P   N
Kerry Clark N N N N N
Annie Fleming                N N   N N
Fran Stretton  P P P P P
David Aitken  N        
Karina  Aitken   Jnr   Abroad N N N N N
Gavin Barr   Jnr   Glasgow N N N   N
Laura Barr   Jnr N   N   N
Caitlin Barr N        
Kirsty Barr   Dundee and Jnr N N N   N
Catriona Still P        
Jane Barr   Jnr N       N
Emma Barr   Jnr N N N   N
Richard Alexander P P P P P
David McCluskey N N N N N
John Penny N N N N N
Isobel Hannen P P N   N
Megan Priestley P P P P P
Agnes Barr N        
Jill Gillard N   N   N
Douglas Burns      P    
Jennifer Marshall P P     N
Gina Aitken P P P P P
Francis Kennedy N     N N
Andrew Cargill P P N    
Mark Munro P P P    
Graham Milne          

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