Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Reserve Availability at 26 September

Hello all and welcome to the far-famed C&B Reserve Availability List.  To be very fair, it kind of up there with chocolate teapots and paper fireguards at the moment, for the simple reason that I haven't a scoobie about anyone's availability EXCEPT for John Penny and Caitlin Barr on Friday 10th November.  They will be otherwise engaged that day.  Oh - and Mark Munro this Friday - I have already nabbed him!

So, the onus is on everyone to let me know your availability on the various club days/ nights between now and the beginning of next week when I will update it.  If I get enough feedback between now and Thursday, I will bring the update forward to the end of this week.
Email me at robin@scotwork.com.

  Reserve Availability List 
P - Already Playing                          N - Not able to play                    
Blank = worth a try                     
Reserve Members 29-Sep 06-Oct 13-Oct 20-Oct 27-Oct 10-Nov 24-Nov 26-Nov 08-Dec 15-Dec
5.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 5.30pm 7.30pm 5.30pm 1.45pm 5.30pm 5.30pm
Richie Anderson                     
Annie Fleming                                   
Fran Stretton                     
David Aitken                     
Karina  Aitken   Abroad                    
Gavin Barr   Glw and Jnr                    
Laura Barr                    
Caitlin Barr           N        
Kirsty Barr   Dundee and Jnr                    
Catriona Still                    
Jane Barr         Jnr                    
Emma Barr       Jnr                    
John Penny           N        
Isobel Hannen                    
Agnes Barr                    
Jill Gillard                    
Douglas Burns                     
Rachel Gray                    
Jennifer Marshall                    
Francis Kennedy                    
Andrew Cargill                    
Mark Munro P                  

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