Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Swan Trohy Success

The Swan Trophy was until recently the longest running "single sponsor" event - certainly in Scotland and potentially in the curling world.  It is a prestigious competition open to all clubs that play in Murrayfield under the auspices of the Edinburgh Curling Club.  Sadly, when Swan's was taken over by new owners, that link with the past was broken, though it is important to acknowledge the competition's new sponsors (well, reasonably new!), Graham Dairies.

The competition is run along traditional (i.e. correct - please note, the HHYs in the Royal Caledonian Curling Club!) lines with two teams from each club competing against each other.  At the end of the games, the scores of both games are totted up and the club with more points wins the competition.  What could be simpler?  What could be better?

Anyhow the now, C&B played Yester in the semi-final on Friday last and, though the club lost a game 9-7, the 11-1 score in the other game secured their final spot against erstwhile and long-term rivals, Midcalder CC.

The final saw Midcalder take an early lead - indeed after four ends, they were six shots clear and looked to be well on their way to a notable victory.  C&B came roaring back though, and eventually secured a 14-10 victory in the final.

Fantastic result and congratulations to all who took part for C&B.  Here's a picture of the winning C&B competitors after the final, but Dave Munro points out that this was a real club success with 14 members in all taking part.  In round one, the squad was Kerry Clark, Brian Fleming, John Steven, Andrew Galloway, Andrew Cargill, Bob Barr, Joe Barry and Maggie Barry.  In the semi-final, the teams were Kerry, Fran Stretton, Gavin Barr and Lois Copland and Dave, Mike Wood, Andrew Cargill and Bob Barr.  In the final, Kerry's team remained as was in the semi-final and Dave Munro, Andrew Cargill, Eilidh Yeats and Bob Barr made up the other team.

Proud winners of the Swan Trophy, 2017
From left: Dave Munro, club president Lois Copland, Gavin Barr,
Fran Stretton, Bob Barr, Andrew Cargill, Eilidh Yeats and Kerry Clark
(Picture courtesy of Colin Baxter)

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