Sunday, 27 November 2016

Pairs Report

Fortunately, Gina Aitken and Kerry Barr were both playing; they are young and fit, so were able to pitch in and play for absent friends.  Four sessions of pairs - blooming heck!  Donald Kennedy and Joe Barry are not so young (but doubtless still fit) and the pair of them played three sessions - good on them.

Gina came first; Kerry came second and third.  The rest were nowhere.

Gina Aitken and Betty Gibb - C&B Pairs Champions 2016
Truth was that Gina and Betty Gibb (and what a club season Betty is having so far!) managed two ends against Robin and Nook but, crucially as it turned out, scored the game 4-2 against their rivals.  They followed that up with a four-end win against Jenny Barr and Donald Kennedy, taking them to six ends in total.

Kerry Barr and Francis Kennedy - C&B Pairs Runners-up 2016
Kerry and Francis Kennedy also scored six ends, but were shots down compared to Gina and Betty.  Just for the record, Kerry and Raymond Preston managed five ends and third place in the competition.

President Lois announced the results at an informal gathering in the club rooms after the competition.  A great day for all who took part.

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