Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Tom Holmes Report

The club's last curling gathering was the Tom Holmes competition, followed by a traditional curlers' supper at Murrayfield.

Traditionally, once a skip has won the Tom Holmes, they can no longer skip a team; they can play, of course, but they have to play "down the rink".  This gives members who normally play in the front end during club competitions the chance to shine at skip, although it would be fair to say that they receive generous amounts of advice from their team mates!

This season, longtime member Simon Kesley, playing with perennial 2015-16 club competition winner, Niall Gunn, Andrew Galloway and Francis Kennedy, won the competition.

Winners of the Tom Holmes Trophy, 
From left: Francis Kennedy, Andrew Galloway, Niall Gunn and skip Simon Kesley
Following the competition, the club gathered for a traditional curlers' supper in the club room at the rink.  Club President Margaret Nicol presented Simon and his rink with the trophy and their prizes.  There was a great turnout, most of whom stayed behind for a club picture.

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